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December 11, 2012

Hi Mom!!

I don't have a whole lot of time to email... In fact I have almost none, because we have to teach someone in like a half hour, so maybe I'll have to finish this email afterwords, but I really don't have a whole lot to say about this week. :) 

It's interesting for me because now, just as I am figuring out who I am as a missionary, feeling like I'm doing my very best in everything, our whole area is pretty much having to start over from scratch. I did go on splits with my DL for the first time which was pretty cool. I had one of my first frozen meals (other than the normal pizza we have regularly every P day :) Other than that there wasn't anything super exciting :) Elder Anderson started sleepwalking in the middle of the night a couple of nights ago and wakes me up and starts making fun of me for sleeping in. Then I looked at the clock and it was like 1 in the morning. I just showed him the clock and watched as his brain tried to catch up to what was going on. It was funny :) I fell asleep instantly again after that which was a blessing. Also I ate whale this morning. With Tyttebær and sour cream. On this crackerish thingy. It was actually waaaay good :) We visited a member from the phillipines (I know I spelled that wrong) and she fed us some of the best food on the planet. The dessert she fed us was this giant egg thingy that was way sweet and waaaayy weird. It was like a giant marshmallow made of just egg and milk. 

Also I went on splits with President this week :) He came out contacting with me on the street. Only problem is that he doesn't really speak Norwegian. :) It was fun though because we actually did really well, and I didn't even really stress out. It was fun though and we found some new people to teach. 

Ummm.... That's about all I got on fun things about me. We got a ton of people who wanted us over for dinner this week, so it was fun to feel loved and and super good food! To answer your question, teaching the Norwegian Intermediate class is basically me teaching about 10 people the norwegian language in english. mmmm yup :) It was slightly stressful at the beginning but it lately it was just fun. I've gotten over the whole, stress out a ton about things now :) It's also interesting to see how long all of them have been and I can still answer all of their questions. 

K. To assuade all of your fears.... YES. I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!!!! I almost died with joy! It actually helped a ton yesterday. :) It had just been a hard week and even though I was feeling down, I just listened to Christmas music, wrote some Happy things down and Decorated my christmas tree! It was so much fun. Yes it made me miss home a little. But I've been suprised lately how much I enjoy being in Norway, just as I get used to trusting in the Lord, and all the experiences he is giving me here. So basically I just loved how much everything reminded me of you guys, and just honestly made me feel loved. If your goal was to make me feel loved, goal = accomplished X 1100. Really, I can't even believe how fantastic you guys are. I was thinking I would be relatively lucky if I got one package. I know that there is another package already in Norway, the problem is is that it takes about a week to get the pakcage from the office in Sandvika to here. And for some stupid reason the Ap's just didn't bring it with them. So, for future reference, just send things to my living adress. THat way, it has the chance of getting there a week earlier, and even if I do move, You can redirect things in Norway for free, so the missionaries could just do that for me :) Just you know, for future reference. :) Anyways. I felt super loved this week. :) 

The only problem with this is that I literally don't have the time to give much back to you guys. :P After I finish emails alone, I usually only have like 3 hours after that... Basically, even if I knew what I wanted to get anyone, I don't really have the time to do so :P So. I feel bad. I'm sorry in advance that I can't do anything for you guys. I will send all the love I can, but it's just going to have to wait until I get home :) 

In terms of the Risk game I wouldn't worry about it. :) Me and E. Anderson have fallen in love with Settlers of Catan and its pretty much the best ever. It's one of those things I'll remember a lot about serving with E. Anderson. Is just how much fun we had. And the kinds of things I did to keep us focused :) It was just an Idea I had before. Also, in terms of recorders, most people just have simple ones that create MP3's that you can just send in emails. And as for the call I have no Idea. Right now our plan is to spend Christmas day with the crazy awesome British family in the ward. :) She said she could set up skype from there. In terms of when though It would definatley be earlier in the day for guys. between 8 - 12 :) Anyways. That's all I know.

Literally I love you all so much! I can't tell you how incredible it was to see all of that come from literally every single member of my family (except you aubrey and rachelle but apparently you guys will be coming soon :) In case none of my cousins get my emails or anything tell them thank you so much at the Christmas party! I'll miss you guys so much! 

With all the Kjærlighet I have to offer!

Christopher :D

P.S. Please note my winter coat in this picture. :D It was an early Christmas Present from my best friend :) so to answer your question: I'm not going to be cold this winter. It's actually quite cozy outside :D

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