Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 3, 2013

HEy Mom!

I'm glad Kristy showed you some of those pictures. I felt like death and wanted a nap so I only gave them to her, but today I'll make you a deal and send some more :) Do I really look older...? I haven't been gone for that long :) 

As for Preikestolen, Pictures are cool but don't do it justice for just how awesome it was to actually be up there. The rain left just in time so that we could see everything before we went down. It was sooooo coool! :)   I took some of the sisters backpacks and was still hopping around like a jack in the box. .  It's about an hour and a hlaf at our pace, and a little over 2 hours at the sisters pace :) 

As for Burt being my companion I'm pretty excited. I would say that there is a really good dynamic between the two of us. We teach differently but the same, and are really able to cover what the other doesn't have. However, what was cool in Moss was how much we grew together and that's not something that will just magically be recreated. So it will be fun. But different. And I can basicallly gurantee we are going to end up as one of each others favorite companions on the mission. Especially since they kicked Chancellor out so fast, we'll probably have the whole summer to just ... Do it. LETS GO!

THat said, moves has never been harder for me than it was this week... actually I take that back, leaving Anderson was harder. But this one was surprisingly very hard. I had 0 desire to leave elder Chancellor. In a few short weeks, had really drawn a connection with him that feels like it got ripped away super prematurely. With being sick, and him not wanting to leave, the time before wednesday was really hard, and quite draining. Then the whole rest of the week was just a mess, and now we have 2 zone conferences in a row... (dont ask me why... i dont know)... it'll be fun. I love going to Bergen, so I can't complain too much. just our topic this time is really hard to make interesting, or even to do in the hele tatt. (at all) 

Despite how I felt, Thursday I woke up feeling more sick than I ever have on my mission. With all this new stress and responsiblity, and sickness, I was not too happy. But I fought through it. :) And through studies I learned some really cool things about prayer, and how to make your prayers meaningful. It has a lot to do with what your honest desires are. If you pray for what you honestly sincerely want, that prayer will mean the world to you and you can feel that it gets answered. The rest of the day was awesome. We had a member call us with a refferal who wanted help moving and they ended up being super cool. WE had a cool pump up session with all the youth that night, showed the poor three new sisters and burt around stavanger, and finally had an hour phone call from one of the former members here who said is 110% convinced of the church and will do everything he can to get baptized. 

Calls like that are not super normal. :) 

We flew into Oslo again on friday, watched a kid tackle a girl playing volleyball on saturday, and I met with our sweet berudian guy again last night. Saturday we met with the cooolest norwegain atheist who is sincere and honest and prepared and AHHHH! This morning I woke up feeling better than I did all last week so thats a good thing. I really need to not be sick anymore. WIth 20 new sisters in the mission now, the mission is 40% sisters and more than half of those are new. 

On a very personal level, the lessons I am learning are becoming more confusing, and more clear at the same time. :) I'm learning how to write down how I feel a lot better, but at the same time, I look at the last 3 months since I left oslo (DUDE ITS ONLY BEEN 3 MONTHS!!?!?!) And I've learned and grown so much I couldn't even tell you. THis week was Persistence. I'm not allowed to give up now. I feel more exhausted in a 'life force' kind of sense than ever before, but I can't give in...I can never give up. No matter what you feel, you need to get up, deal with the problems of the day, fight to do your best to be creative and loving and christlike, and then when you sleep terribly you go again. 

I don't really know what it is about a mission that is so specail yet, but there is something different here. LIke I know we are here to help people, but sometimes I feel like the Lord has other things in mind. ANyways. I just love you enough to wish I could share what I feel with exactness. Unfortunatlely, i'm a lazy 20 year old who wants to go play basketball and sleep, and try and get ready for another week. ANd it's kindof really hard anyways. Thank you so much for what you shared mom :) Despite every challenge and every weakness, I know we can all make it :) Have a fantastical week!


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