Thursday, November 21, 2013

September 30, 2013

Hey Morosa! 

K well I don't know quite where to start with this one. I'll probably just go and you'll hop on with me at some point I'm sure. The first crazy thing is that I am training again! Elder Newey... heh. that made me laugh too :) haven't met the kid yet though so we'll see if he actually lives up to his name. That makes child number 4. and 3 grand children. :) If we have a mission conference at christmas again i'm going to have to get a slekt picture with all of my sons and grandsons. :) Anyways. I'm super sad to see Elder Garrard go though. I don't think i've ever just felt so ... on top of things as I have with him. Thats partly just because I came to bergen knowing and believing we would succeed and we did. So that was pretty legit. Though slightly OCD, we got along great together, and earned each others trust on a very deep level I think :) 

Anyways so that is that random news. In other news I love life. I think I have just learned to move forward doing everything that I can in the future, and things have just kinda fallen into place. I can't even really explain it to myself. i can't really explain exactly where I'm at or how I feel, I just.... kinda got lost along the way. Does that make any sense? I can't believe it took me so long to really understand how important all of this is and really just throw myself into it wholeheartedly but at least it happened eventtually. That doesn't mean that it always stays liek that, as things always seem to go up and down but ever since my 'spiritual plummet'... sort of that i had a couple months back, what i've built back up is much strongr, and much... different than it was before. :) 

I like it. 

'And he saw that the seed was good, and the foundation of that very strong' therefore, he did not feel the urge to squish it with his finger like he does with all the random fruit flies in his apt. 
yay. :) 
(really though. I'm at straight war with the Fruit flies... I think I've scared my companion on several occasions. Just recently instead of killing them by the fifties with my hands I decided to take a page out of your book and use a vaccuum. :) much more effective)

I'm also grateful to have had a mother who raised me on salads :) Because honestly there is nothing that tastes more delicious than a salad after almost never making any of them. Last night it was literally like: forget the pizza, the salad is the best part! (it did have avacado and fettecini cheese in it... or at least some sort of really delicous cheese cube :) Serisously though. I just had that random thought. That you really don't get stuff as a kid, but when you're older its like duh, thats why you said don't play video games and eat potato chips all day. Life is worth so much more than that. Sorry. Wierd tangent. 

NO. I am not vegaterian nor will I ever be so. 

ok. wow. some actual stuff that happened. My whole district bossed it up last week. We broke the record for new investigators. All that president said was: how did you do that? it was miracles. and we are all pumped. like. We've had miracles like every day. Get kbabbed in the city, and say a prayer to find out if we should stay or go. get a call and have a member walk up and point out a less active who is across the square. Prayer = instantly answered. me and Garrard contacted: get this: 0 hours last week. And found more people than we had the week before just on Public transport, and random things that happened. So cool. Wednesday I went on splits with Elder collard and we taught Adal this way cool guy. You'll keep hearing more about him. But his story is that he's never had a religion though he's always believed very strongly in God. 3 Days before he met us he got a way strong feeling he needed to go find a church. Then he met us. 2 lessons later he's commited to getting baptized in a month. I was freaking out. of my 
He asked us and we were the ones who said: yes. yes we can baptize you. Can you say prepared? Yesterday we taught this way cool american kid named max and a whole norwegian family who we found at the baptism. SOOO COOL. She fed us this way good pizza and her 15 year old daughter had invited no less than FIVE of her friends to come talk to the mormon missionaries. IT WAS SOOOO ....... weird. And cool. By the end though we were just outnumbered and outugnned. :) But it still went way good. We also met her 24 year old daughter and they invited us over to dinner at her and her boyfriends house for dinner this week. So that'll be cool. Anyways. it was all legit. Ran into struggling less active ysa randomly on the street that was super cool. anyways. helped a funny pillipino guy move. We are going to teach him and his family too. Anyways. I almost don't have enough time for everything. ...
Thats cool. 

Anyways. i'm going to stop boring you with stories now but generally noted: I'm doing good. And i'm pumped for General Conference. I have by far the best job in the mission. And yup. I hope you guys have a great one! christmas will be here before you know it right?!? heh. time flyr. hly toledo!



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