Saturday, January 5, 2013

January 1, 2013

Hi Mom!

so I'll just pretty much go from the call too :) Since I spent like 2 hours writing in my journal about my life since last sunday, it's going to be a lot easier if I just go from the phone call. :) I actually was suprised too when I thought about what we actually talked about in that phonecall... it was basically nothing that I could remember. Like.... nothing :) It was mostly just fun to see all y'alls faces and say HI! I was disapointed when E. Torgjy didn't come up and say hi :) He said he was going to come up and say somehting in Norwegain so you could actually see people communicating, and Torjesen is HILarious. LIke. He is so funny.  But That probably would have been stupid. Me speaking in Norwegain literally means like nothing to you guys. Thats ok though :) Norwegian is only the coolest language ever. ... It's no biggie. :) 

After that super fun phone call, the rest of my Christmas Night was one that i'll never forget. In fact I will remember everything about this Christmas for the rest of my life probably it was so much fun. I have some fun videos of us playing some super fun games with the british family, and we sang songs like weirdos, and played buckaroo if anyone knows what that is :) One of my most memorable things is when me and Elder Earl, (dude who plays the bagpipe and is kinda quiet but just likes to laugh, he's also a fantastic teacher) had a chocolate eating contest. Nick Ivanov, the member who you saw, told us we couldn't leave that night until we had eaten this HUGE bucket of chocolates that they had bought for their normal English Tradition. So we decided to see how fast everyone could eat them all. One like every 30 seconds. So sister pace would throw us both a piece and we'd say GO Go GO! and just pound all this chocolate. The first one to drop out lost. I'm pleased to report that me and Elder Earl made it allt he way through, and ate like 30 chocolates a piece in like 15 minutes. My emotional well being went wacko after this. like. I was probably legally drunk. We drove home at like 12:30 that night after just a super awesome super Koselig time with their family. I have some funny videos I'll have to see if I can ever get home from that day :) It was magnificent though. 

The rest of that week was Mission Conference, which was super fun. I sang in a choir for the talent show, and played a shepherd in the Nativity for our mission. I'm unbeatable at staring contests på grunn av Anderson :) Like. Bring it on. Mission Conference was cool though. I learned a lot about the culture of Norway, and how the church started here. It was way cool. It's been cool because I'm really starting to fall in love with the place. Before too long I'll never want to leave dang it :) Yes your emoticons move mom :) I just remembered I didn't answer your questions yet... AS to what the members got us... I got a lot of really nice wool socks and A Lot of food. ALOT. I have enough sugar to last me till next Christmas at least. :) No I haven't opened my stocking yet... sorry I'll get to that :) And we actually drove the mission van to their house. WE were all singing along to *through heavens eyes* the whole way there and back. Actually on the way back everyone just klunnked out :) It was funny. AS for new years, I'm not allowed to go outside after 6 o clok unless I'm at a members house. Which I will be! Woot! The Isasksens invited me over. Weird story: I taught their son at the MTC and he came back for christmas, and when he saw me we just starting talking in Norwegian. It's times like this when you realize just how far you've come :) 

Um.... Hva ellers.... We taught another hard core atheist I found at the Christmas Gatastands we did last week. It took like 2 and half hours, and we had a way funny member from Hamar named Barbara just bust in on the teach and stay with us at the end. It was way funny, and it actually helped a lot. THat's atheist #2 who admits, that he knows it just comes down to their willingness to show faith to find out if God exsists. We'll see. I hope he comes around. Agency never drives you as crazy as it does on your mission :) I took a huge ferry to an Island out in Oslo Fjord to visit a family. It was a cool boat. ALSO GUESS WHAT!!! I fear No Man! Remember how I said I hated contacting on public transportation this week? Well I also have been working on getting better, and I did it a lot over the last few days. I've talked to someone almost every single time! Most people aren't very nice though.... Unfortunatley for them I was pretty determined to have a conversation with them. :) IT catches people off guard when I ask them about the weather and not about religion. Some people just swear at me though... THats not fun. 

Anyways. This week is either going to be really awesome or it's going to be really frustrating. Either we actually get to meet with the 20 people who said after christmas or they all fall through anyway. Come on! ANyways. I love you guys so much! I forgot to add one thing to the list of things i'm doing when I get home that I gave to dad. I want to spend a night just plopped in front of your chair mom and just talk to you :) Good luck with everything! Get some sleep mom :) I'm not sure how excited I am to see what you put in my stocking... :) No. I'm excited! I love you mom!



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