Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 7, 2013

Hi Momsicle!!!

It sounds like you guys had a super fun Christmas though :) Maybe not quite as crazy as mine was... My Christmas this year is going to be pretty tuff to beat anywhere in the forseable future :) It was just so much fun to have a whole bunch of people singing and dancing and playing the whole time :) SPEAKING OF WHICH! MY new years.... WAS AWESOME!!!!!! We went over to the Isaksens, which is a british woman married to a norwegian dude. THey are awesome! ANd... the coolest part is they probably have one of the best views of the entire Oslo Fjord i've ever seen. We started by drinking some wine, smoking cigars, and then we played card games. Mom, you would love Pauline Isaksen. :) She bought herself this little automatic card shuffler which she'll just sit there and use over and over again :) it was super funny. Did you guys know that you have trained me waaaay to well in card games? Well, you have. :) No one hear is anywhere near as intense as we are with them. And no one here really stands a chance. It was still fun though. We ate tons of food, I learned i'm allergic to cats, and then we watched a movie called the Nativity. Hilarious. One i¨m definately going to have to finish when I get home. (It really bothers me when you can't finish things) 

Then... THe epicness began. We went out onto their balcony with the awesome view of the entire oslo fjord... and just stood there for like a half hour. Norwegians are super into the whole fireworks thing... LIke. wow. I will never, in my lifetime, probably be able to see a Fireworks show as fantastic as the one I saw for new years this year. like for realsies, the ENTIRE fjord was lit up like Downtown Baghdad. THis is the span from Akers all the way around to Drøbak. I tried taking a video of just how awesome it was but I don't think I could capture the epicness with my camera. If I were to guess we probably heard hundreds of fireworks go off every second. All of their neightors were lighting them up all around us, and we could see all the way to central oslo literally just sparkling and booming in the distance with flashes of light. When we looked over to Sandvika (rich people) There literally was just a constant stream of lights and sound coming from the entire span of the Fjord. All in all, it was the coolest thing ever. 

In terms of the rest of this week, we saw some really cool things happen in our area, but we didn't see the amount of progress that we wanted. We still don't have anyone coming to church, or even that we can teach very regularly. But the people that we found before Christmas are still alive, just unavailable right now. So hopefully we can meet with them this week. Crossing our fingers :) I actually talked with E. Anderson about the very principle of Faith working miracles, and we agreed that faith will always work miracles, just maybe not in the way and in the time you would like. :) In terms of miracles we did meet with Kristine, a girl we found from Trondheim this week, and we taught her by going with her to walk her two little dogs :) What was cool is she actually asked us to pray with her in this little grove of trees, so we'll see if anything comes from that. We met with several families this week, and one of the families that dad is a non member and wants to take the lessons from us! Woot! There kids have way cool legos too :) When I send my pictures home you should find the coolness that they did for us :) 

OH! We had the Juletrefest this week! THis is more or less the ward christmas party, only in Norway it's waaay bigger than at home :) I played the clarient in a little ward band while all 120 people danced in circles around the christmas tree, basicallly like the Prince of Egypt small village town thingy style :) Also, we (the missionaries) performed a number called På Låven Sitter Nissen, which is the most childrens traditional norwegain song they have :) (please note, whenever you see the video of this, that it was coregraphed ... (no idea how to spell that) by me :) ) So now you all can be embarassed that you even know me! Thanks Aubrey for the skills! It's got a really funny story attachted to the song too :) one day I will explain it :) I'm going to save the music for it! Anyways, the whole shebang was super fun. We went to the spanish Family home evening which was super funny, especiallly since they had me play the piano for musical chairs. (really even in a place where people play the piano I still play a bunch). Anyways. 

It was a fun week, and somehow, I'm going to keep going. :) Go team! By the way... no I hadn't opened my stocking. ... So when I get there I'll make sure you get a picture of that... :) Wow you're weird sometimes mom :) 

Ps. I got uh... lov...... Permission! To use dropbox. So if you dad, will tell me which account to sign onto, and give me a folder, I'll just start dumping stuff. Or I can mail stuff home if you don't have space. You choose! But I have fun stuff to send home! Anyways

I love you all! Have fun in the cold! I havent even been wearing my coat the last couple days! Heh... who knew Norway would be warmer than you guys... Well have fun!

WIth Loving bubbles!


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