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March 11, 2013


Sorry that's not a very good way to start a letter to my mother but I feel like it is appropriate for how pumped I am right now. Like just way pumped. Best week ever. Officially. Unfortunately for both of us we have almost no time to email, cause we just barely got to the church here, after flying down an hill covered with the slipperiest ice i've ever seen. I'm sittering here with my superest awesome companion eldste Burt, eating marshmallows, and listening to Zelda music :D Ok wooa. I have way too much energy. Way too much has happendd.

I unfortunately didn't even get to write in my journal about the entire last week until today. thats how busy we've been. 

dude dang it I have way too much I could say! I love sushi! Elly doesn't though. That's ok cause he's up in Narvik with my favorite man ever :) I'm excited to see how he's doing. Tuesday, we went and saw Laila one last time. Shes the cake lady :) sorry eller kake means, or cake. I was just trying to get you to look up some norwegian cake. Look up BløtKake if you can. it means moist cake. sorry I'lll try and get better at translatilng the wierd things I say sometims. :)  guess what everyone!!! I can now email anyone I want. (outside of mission boundaries) So just let me know how things are going! And I may or may have time to send things back. If you prefer handwritten I can do that too... just let me know! :) 

I was way sad to see my greenie go. I don't think I realized just how much fun it was to train him until he was gone. It was pretty much one of the coolest experiences ever. He is a way cool kid and he'll end up being a way good missionary. Wednesday was the weirderst best hardest day of my whole ever. I hugged my greenie goodbye that morning, only to see Kim running up to me. Finally the Zl's got there so I went inside with him and talked with him for like.... 5 hours. Then we went and got food. I'm not sure if you know this but I could talk about a convo. with Kim for all day. Especially one that long. My last feelings were just it was so cool how he talked about how much he loved getting to know me. all his friends hate me, because I steal all of his free tiem. :) He is one of the those people whether he eventualy gets baptized or not he will be one of my best friends for life. We jsut talked about everyting and to be honest thats just how I worked with him, and how he worked with me. It was sooo cool. With no companion I just got to spend time with the coolest guy ever. And just talk. I absolutely lvoed it. I love him. Best last day ever. Then Andre came all the way from Drøbak just to take me back to his house to have one last time with his family. Again. Best thing ever. 

It was soo cool to be with their family and jsut talk to them about everything that had happend. the Growth that I saw in myself and them samtidig was just incredible. Sooo cool. Kristoffer Anderson made fun of my girlfriend. I may be a missionary but whooo. It's going down man. :) its alright. You should invite Kristy over when Andre comes. Then she could meet him! so cool! He wants to meet her :)  Saying goodbye to him was literally the worst thing ever. Short of leaving all of you. It was way cool. He was sooo nice to me. Best experience ever. 

When I got on the train the next day and it was leading out of oslo it was super weird as I saw all the places I had been and remembered all the things that I had done. When I got off Elder Burt gave me a big hug and we were instantly jelled. Like. it was weird. He reminds me a lot of Kaleb actually if that makes any sensse. He's jsut a way cool guy. He had a hard time with his last companion so when we came together it was just instatnly awesome. He says he can't put into words just how right this little comp. is but he knows that it is. His greenie prolly wont get here for another few weeks so i'll have a chance to get to know moss pretty well. To answer you question about whether or not they feed me the answer is there is no better place in Norway to be fed. Moss is a town of about 30000 but about 200 of those are members. The ward is huge, and all of them are super young families. I felt like I was back in a Utah wrad ysteersday. It was weird. There are way too many of them. I am super way weirded out by how small this place is, but destpite that we have jsut had a balst and have foudn some way cool people. 

On saturday they did a talentaften, or talent show, and it was legit. Super funny. Way cool activity, just super chill :) to give you an idea of just how big food is to these people I think me and Burt got asked at least 30 different times whky we didn't have food in our hands. :)

 it's been way different here. I feel like I almost don't even know how to do missionary work here, and there are way too many people in the ward for me to keep track of. But we have experienced tons of miracles, and had the most fun ever along the way. There really hasn't been a still moment for us. There is always someone to move, help lay concrete, or stop randomly on the street. we've preayed a lot and felt like there would be someone at the talent show to find, and sure enough, there was a norwegian lady who said she felt the spirit way strong in the activity and said she would love to hear about the gospel. She also said she never would have let us in. :) Woa. Miracle. Referrals.... dude. :)

There is a man who has been coming to church for 3 weeks but only speask persian. Miracle = happened. Less active gone for a year randomly shows yesterday speaking persian. Woa. appt. on saturday. We can do this! 

K I gott gooooo sorry!!!! I lvoe you all! I can't say enough. The lord is helping me way more than I can even realize. Me and my companion are on fire right now. Literally. We are loving life, and each other. And we are witnesses to how much he loves us. I'll tell you more about being a DL later. it's crazy man. but fun :) 

I hope that you all have just as much fun as I'm having! I wish I could write more!





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