Monday, September 23, 2013

September 2, 2013

HEy Momsawhimsicle! (have I used that one before?)

Yeah... let's talk stream of thaught thats like going to be 10 times worse. because I have tons of thoughts that could get acroos but 0 time. unfortunately none of the missionaries can get library cards yet becasue they haven't gotten their information so we have 8 missionaries that have to use the one computer in the church, so unfortunately I really don't have that much time at all today. I don't even really know where you want me to start either... I don't have time to go back and look at all the questions you asked me from last week so if I miss anything just let me know and I'll get to it next week. 

I have to start out with honesty.... Stavanger is the best. Looking back I love that place with my whole heart and soul. I miss it way more than I've ever missed anything ever before, and this was definitely the hardest move that I've ever had, short of maybe coming on the mission to begin with. I loved everything about that place. I loved every single member in that ward, and the group of missionaries that we had there is by far beyond anything that I've ever experienced anywhere else. We had more inside jokes, and supported each other more than I've ever felt ever. It was fantastic. That last day was soooo bittersweet. The bishop had us over for a final supper, as did our mission leader and constantin and generosa. just as a random tidbit, the lady things went awesome with, Evelyn apparently has gotten even better. Only word to describe her is straight bosslike :) She's holding onto this despite TOns of opposition. Its crazy. SHE's soooo cool though!!!! AHH. I was reading through my happy book from stavanger and there were so many good memories in there I thought I was going to die of joy. and sadness because i'm gone.... We had the biggest smackdowns ever with constantin and generosa but she still didn't set a date before I left. There was nothing more I could have done. They bought me a way cool tie though and I'll definitely send a whole bunch of pics when I get the time! 

Bergen as a city is legit. My first few days there were........ I won't really say how bad they were. They were just very unenjoyable. Turns out i've had Anemia for months, and I came down with a virus right when I got here that basically plummeted my physical, spiritual, and emotional state into a horrible spiral that hit rock bottom on saturday where I couldn't even hold my head up and stay awake enough to eat my food. It was not a fun experience. And I wasn't in the position to deal with my new companion who is great but is a little too anxious, or zealous is the word I might use. Overall, 0 of the people that were in our area before have wanted to meet with us again, so we have started from straight ground 0. Nothing. Really. there were so many emotions connected to this moves... I can't even begin to describe them. But in all it was not fun, and I didn't feel competent or like I could do anything. 

Monday we flew to Trondheim, and the first good moment and shining ray of hope was when I saw Elder Holden, who was my companion back in sandnes. We straight ran from one end of the church to the other and tackled each other in the best hug in the world. Missionary hugs usually don't do it for me. That one was more like both of us had had such a hard time since leaving and coming back together was the best thing ever. Seeing our whole district again was awesome. We had almost 50 misionaries in that city contacting that night, and playing 4 different sports at this one field right in sentrum. Literally the place was flooded. Supper fun. That was where my spirits finally started to feel a ltitle bit better again. I heard the voice that is Elder Whetten finally talking in the back of my head cheering me on again. Shortly said, The next day was incredible. Elder Kearon is a straight boss of the world. I needed that so badly, and the Iron pills that i got from sister Pace. Starting Wednesday life got a million times better. 

We started implementing plans on how we were going to work with the bishop and the youth, and me being the only one over like 6 months in norway was the one leading out on all of thesse. Its interesting to have such a young group of missionaries here. OH!" to answer your questions, we all stayed in the elders apt for mish conf. The sisters got hotels.... yup. We fit 36 missionaries on the FLOOR that night. it was insane. I didn't personally take any pictures but I should have. I didn't feel so good....  anyways. our district is cool though. We found some way cool people through our language class, and actually this week was my most successful week in terms of just straight finding new people to teach which was cool considering we were gone for two days. Ok wee

I gotta wrap this up soon.. .ahhh there's so much. We drove to this one members house who lives like an hour away though, and it was the coolest drive ever. there is no other city in norway or in the world quite like bergen. Its amazing. SUch a cool city. ANd I feel so much better. I will say shortly that me and my companion are near perfect for each other. or at least as a trainer and a greenie. I find myself more and more like elder anderson. Which is ok because I worship him :) So things are going much better. I haven't felt this awake with so much energy in months.... 

Thank you so much for the loves. I don't really feel like there was that much spiritual in there, other than I just loved loving stavanger. That was one thing I learned. I had no idea how much I would come to love that place. I'll send pictures when I can. Until then ... have fun! sounds like Gavin is still awesome, and the matthew is still crazy. Alt er i orden. :) I love yo so much mom! 

have a great week!



ps. time.... is FLYING. Holy smokes. They weren't kidding. time just flies. its weird.

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