Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 9, 2013

Heh, Momps. I could do this all day :)

Anyways, Ill just read you letter later today. We are going to hike one of the mountains that surrounds bergen today so that should be pretty fun. And besides I don't really know what to say anyways. 

I'll prolly start by talking about how legit stavanger still is :) jk, but really that place is straight the best. The Haugens my adopted grandparents(senior couple missionaries) came up and I straight flipped out with joy. They were telling me about all the things that have been happening in stavanger and is pretty much legit. Evelyn and sven are getting DØPT!!! This weeek!!! YEsss!!! she made it! Another guy I taught is gettting baptized in two weeks, and Christian this sweet swedish cagefighter super nice quiet guy also said he wants to get baptized. .... REally. I want do die from joy with thta place. 

On a more spiritual note, I had a very interesting thought about all that. In Stavanger by the end, I loved everyone missionary and member and investigator alike, I probably prayed harder for them than anyone else in my entire life. By the end it was almost just a plea of, I don't even care if i'm a part of it, just let them succeed! just  help them. In a way I had made a promise with God which was, Help these people, and I don't even have to be here to see it, or have anything to do with it. Leaving was the hardest thing in the world. It tore me apart. but in a way more real than ever before, God answered my prayer. Or the prayers that I said all the time. I thought that was kinda cool :)

Bergen is a pretty cool place too :) We are teaching some way cool people. A greek kid named Achilleas came to chuch just randomly yesterday which is pretty much like the best thing ever. Super cool :) We taught a guy named paul, who was completely enthralled by the book of mormon musical and just couldnt resist the urge to actually talk to us and get one :) We are starting to get to know the members a lot more which is sweet, and things are just doing better. I also feel more awake and more energized than I have in probably 7 or 8 months. So the iron pills are definatly helping with that :) My companion is super cool to actually. We have developed a way good relationship where we just learn a lot from each other and we are probably more focused than I've ever been before on my whole mission. He's kinda like some of the kids I used to hang out with before who were just super smart and didn't quite knnow what to do with it :) He really enjoys all the times that I just analyze situations and people around us. Apparently I've gotten really good at that. Takk for det eldste Anderson :) 

Really though. I don't have too much exciting to say, other than that a gay guy tried to squish my kbab this week :) Or that we missed our bus because it went into a secret underground tunnel. and then got lost walking around in the rain for about an hour with our completely soaked little map :) fun times. :) 

ANywyas. Have a great week. I might add some responses later to whatever you say but we'll see. I love you sooo much! 


Christopher :)

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