Tuesday, October 29, 2013

September 23, 2013

Hey MOM!!!!!

I'm sooooo happy right now I could explode!!!!!! I literally have nothing to complain about other than the fact my knee hurts because I played dodgeball too hard :) FRee for ALL!!!! Styel :) So thats my story. I have 30 minutes starting now to write you and change. Darn it. You at least will get the idea that i'm happy :) Not stress free, but happy. :)

I'll respondere first :). yes I have a car NOW. I didn't then :) We just borrowed the Broughs (senior couple) car. so pretty. sometimes we drive around with him. All the time we are driving right next to beautiful still water, or through tunnels. No end of fun. I love driving here :) um. yeah. The Broughs got emergency transferred to oslo as of this morning. So for 6 weeks I'm in charge of their car, their apt., their Ysa, their missionaries, and Sisters Broughs beautiful orchid that needs a  good name :) Something elegant. I was crushed. I love them. They cant leave. Especially not now when we actually have some good momentum. in the month or so this district has been in bergen it has been incredible. I've had some of the most powerful spiritual meetings this week. One with the bishop, and with the missionaries, and the broughs, and just knowing how to plow forward. We just get it now. We are going hard in the paint, throwin bows in the lane. :) Its been incredible to feel the whole spirit of the district go up. Soo col. 
so yeah now I have a car for the first time :) Its pretty cool. I can just use it if I want. Yay! 

um. mom. I'll look that up when I have an English hymn book. I can't really look that up here. sorry. :) Id lvoe to. And I'll just make sure that you can norwegian and then you guys will be the only one's whithout a secret hemmelig språk :) heh. anyways. 

yeah. I had a way fun splits with Elder Clarke this week. That was pretty fun. Me and Garrard had like 3 miracles yesterday even though none of our people showed up, through just random things that we were doing we still found people. We havent had any time to contact hardly at all and yet we are still finding tons of way prepared people. This week I had a finding experience like I haven't had since oslo. We prayed and felt led to walk up this street. Amid hundreds of ungdom, we found this one lady who I decided to stop. It started out normal but the she was like: oh yeah, I'm a mormon. ... awkward. This happens especially when you know you don't quite know everyone in the ward. so.... which uh famliy are you a part of? The Johansen famiily she says. But me and my mother havent been to church for a long time. Like ok. cool. now i'm getting a little pumped. you can often find less actives on the street that can be way cool. But then she said. yeah she left like right before I was baptized.... ok. so are you baptized.'


ok.... uh..... What do you believe in? yeah. i'm christian. But i'm mormon christian... but your not døpt? nope. have you read the book of mormon. Of Course! Thats why i tell people i'm mormon. Cause I really do believe that its true. ok

wait. We tell people why baptism is so important. Well I have time friday at 11.... uh..... okkkk.? (is this a joke?) 
I met someone who believes they are mormon but isn't baptized, and yup. I just about died. It could not go anywhere, but she was super prepared. That's all I really have to say about that.
There are so many other things. It was a boss week. I have been able to really help the people around me, and I'm seeing it more than ever. Me and Garrard get along great, and I've never had a companionship that i've felt the spirit this constantly. Its like... all the time. United together and with God. the coolest thing for me as a DL is just to be getting straight revelation about how I can help my district even if half of them are sisters. its pretty cool. and super fun. anyways

I love you mom! I need to send some pictures, but you'll get those eventually. my words can only come once. :) 



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