Tuesday, January 28, 2014

October 14, 2013

I have 11 minutes before I have to leave to meet our invs. max. We are hiking a mountain with him today :) Sorry. I spent my time on other people this week. But. this was a good week. to say the least. 

I'll answer your questions. I unfortunatley am in the same boat as my wayward bretheren. :) I mostly just dont have the room or the need for anything. The only thing I can come up with is a laundry hamper like the kind that you fold into nothing but that can stand up.... and... yup. Thats it. You really dont use or need much on your mission. If you send chocolate dont send plain chocolate. I cant stand normal hersheys anymore. like. It wont be eaten, because we will get so much other milk chocolate that will own its face off. Dark is delicious and doesnt find here, neither does reses or snickers or anything like that. So reses are good. :) But dont go too overboard either since I havent said anything else. :) Skittles are also delicious. :D

4 minutes left. 

I'll try and write later but if not, I love bergen. Elder newey is super chill. Kinda quiet like every other dude ive trained but its been really fun. We have probably commited more people to baptism in one week than ive ever done before in a month :) The coolest one is max. He really wants to get baptized but he goes back to america in 2 months so we told him it might be better to go home and do it but he'd said he'd pray and give us an answer. In one day he read all of mosiah and when he got to chapter 18, he said he just felt like he really wants to do this here. So its happening in a fjord. in a couple weeks. He came to church and loved it. There is a possibility that he will be my new roommate at byu next year. and... yup. just a sweet, humble, ready guy. He loved the plan of salvation about temples. and He said it just feels like something that he had been missing. I cant express my feelings about him. Max literally converted himself. We didnt do anything at all. It was him that wanted to meet like 5 times last week, watch more genearl conference, come to sport eat dinner with us. WE took him to ther Grove family for dinner yesterday and taught the gospel of jesus christ and he loved it. I dont know whky. I told dad this but all my experience makes me appreciate how much we dont do. God leads us to these people. And he leads them to us. quote from max: most people like come to norway to party and stuff, but I came here and ended up reading the gospel. Its kinda funny'... yes max. it is pretty funny. and cool. He knows now why he came. :) ANyways. it literally was just to bless me. Max could have met missionaries anywhere and loved it. He came here for me. So thank you. 

4 minutes overtime. 

There were other way cool things. Our teach with magnus and sissel was amazing. even though magnus is straight atheist, just in meeting with him i can see the cahnge and feel him become just a little less hostile and much more accepting. his girlfriend is doing a good job on him :) 
There were definately hard times. But The good is just smashing the bad into oblivion. Go team. I hope I answered all your question mom :) I love you. 

Your letters are the ones i look forward to the most. SAying bosslike and using 3s for e's is not a requirement for love :) 

Have a great week! yes i did get all your letters! thankn you soooo much! :D



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