Tuesday, January 28, 2014

October 21, 2013

K. . .

WEll I gotta go. Like it 4 minutes. 
So I'll try and write more later.

But if not. We slept on the floor in stavanger and had zone conference, where I learned that i'm suuuuper old in the mission. Like not just in writing but firsthand as we saw all the other missionaries. It was super fun. OUr plane had a hydrolic leak so we couldnt take off so we spent the night at the airport and ended up eating playing lots of games, getting way close with everyone and getting home the next day :) (like in the early nightime so we ended up sleeping at home.) 

We taught Max a ton this week. He's officially been taught everything he needs for baptism, and we are moving his baptism up to next saturday. LIke. holy smokes. Its super cool. He continues to be the light of our life and miracle max. Other than that it was kinda a rough week though. WE need a good week this week. So were shooting for that :)

I hope everything is going awesome at home! Sorry. An hour for emails really just isnt enough. 

I love you so much mom! 



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