Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 14, 2014

Hey Mom!

You're first today! Yay! Turns out who I end up emailing first makes a huge difference :) 

Wow. Where do I even begin? :)  I have become more mellow and less mellow... More because things seem to affect me for a much shorter period of time. Downs just can't stay very long, Though I've become less mellow by becoming a lot more passionate and opinionated about things that really mean a lot to me. I'm to the point where there are some definate things I really believe in and i'm ready to fight people about it :) Can't imagine what sitting in a meeting with the 12 apostles would feel like. But I definately won't stress about that. I've got PLENTY of other things to stress about, that I definately can't waste my energy on that. :) 

For example, several nights this week, I was called into the office late to take care of an emergency transfers that had to happen... like right then. So I was up coordinating that and just counseling with President on what he could do about the situation. I have to admit it was fun to be the one that he calls when something goes amiss. :) So that ended up being a lot of our weekend. People missing expensive flights that couldn't be rescheduled.... ug. anyways. ... *eye twitch*... 

In other news, my trip was off the handle. Rainmaker as elder Jones would say :) That trip was a rain maker. Fact. It was unreal. Me and Elder Linge couldn't even believe what we were seeing. Also I must include a few tidbits about Kbabs.

First, The Kbab in Kristiansund is excellent. Excellently priced for a solid quality kebab. President had us go a little out of our way to check out an area that should have a branch being established soon so he can send misisonaries there, and our job was to essentially asses the situation. Unbelievalbly beautiful. Good kbab. Nice people. Good busses. Best hour and a half pitstop ever.

Random Sidenote: OUR whole trip every single time me or elder linge would stop to talk to somebody they were super cool and gave us at least their name and number and often and appointment. it happened with us is ksund, Trondheim(to both of us seperately) Narvik, tromsø, sandvika you name it. We felt sooo blessed by that. So that was a way cool experience.

 Ok. For generations. Many have have searched for a wellpriced good, delicious kebab to be found in the north of norway.... No man has ever succeeded. There just isn't any good kebab. Legend has it they are all just super sketchy... Unreal poor quality. We join our two travelers, sitting in a car, having driven for 5 or so hours being plauged with exceeding hunger. They decided that they would eat somewhere epic... yes. We must eat somewhere epic said the other. The first problem to meet our travellers is that they A: were in the middle of toodling nowhere. and B: the next 'farm' wasn't for like 100 Kilometers. Ok so that might be an exxageration. Needless to say they hadn't seen a living soul in many a turn of the tires. 

Suddenly they are met with a sign that says, Fork and knife, 800 meters. Excellent... Where are we agian? Trofors. Population: The local squirrel hunting lodge. But ok. We drive up, and of course it says: 'Trixie kebab and Pizza' no.
No way did we just find a kebab in the middle of nowhere. But ok. We went in. A kebab was 130 krowns! ok, that doesn't mean anything to you. A simple kebab was roughly 26$. That would be the equivalent of buying a burrito in the middle of nowhere for like 25 bucks. Just you know. A simple wrapped burrito... ok back to the story. Elder linge goes and asks the man to back up his kebab. And he wont do it. But we were somewhere no missionary could EVER step foot even if they drove all pday, so we had to try it.... 

ANd he walked out with two Gigantic rolls with sauce drizzled on the top, filled with straight steak. They were unreal. SOO good. And thus, the legend of the quality kebab in the North was born.... and died. because no one can actually get to it :)

Also, Elder linge took home 1500 krowns worth of chocolate. Again... like almost 300 dollars worth of chocolate. He was cool though. As a quick note about him, since he's not even my companion anymore (he had is final dinner with us at presidents house last night) I jsut need to say how much I liked him. I could talk a lot about what it was like to serve with him, and I think some of my thoughts might be mixed in with how much just my calling in general has been teaching me, but I learned a lot from that one :) He was way focused and he never took excuses. Sometimes when I'm having a hard time or not doing it completely right I just kinda shake it off but that was never how he did it. We ran, we went hard. We had to be exactly obedient in everything. He never stopped. And he definatly never mentioned going home. Not once. So if there was ever a way to honorably die, he did it. I hope I can do the same. 

Speaking of which, this week was amazing. His last week was definately a good one. I went on contacting splits with elder cooper and elder curtis this week and we saw some really cool things happen. We were inviting people to church and this super nice norwegian girl totally said yes! and really meant it. And then there was this crazy guy who was getting all up on her grill trying to get her to believe that we were a joke like right there on the street.... Unfortunatly for him he was completely drunk. And she wasn't buying it from him. :) That was way cool. ANd then we taught the COOLEST norwegian dood ever who lives right above us, and was suuuper open. LIke. you don't just find people like him. And yeah. anyways. We actually got to go outside and feel like missionaries this week and it was fantastic! So many good things happened even in such a short amount of time. We had a leadership training meeting, and yup. Crazy greier. 

Ok well that was way too long. :) But It gives you a ttiiiiiiiiinnny tidbit of what happend. Elder linge flips over tables. And we got to drive presidents car. 

THe bennys man. This whole experience is completely insane. I love you all. I love my mission president. I LOVE being able to just go out and work harder than i've ever worked in my whole life. To jsut give body and soul to my calling. 

As a final note, I'll share one thing I learned at conference. It had nothing to do with any of the talks or anything special that was shared. It was jsut a thought I had. It was a thought of christs life and the miracles he did. He went around to help the blind to see and the lame to walk. I put my shoes of one of those men sitting on the side of the road. (See John 9.)  I tried to imagine what it would be like to have been blind or lame my ENTIRE life. To be hated, and cast out. In my mind I think, I've always been this way. How could that ever change. And then there is this man who walks over, kneels down and puts clay upon my eyes and tells me to wash, be clean, and to see. He tells me to change my entire life in a single instant. If He walked up to me grabbed my hand and told me to stand... would I have the faith to believe him? Who is this man? But the hope of becoming something more than we are is always the drive to have faith and to change. We are all born blind. But through Christ we can see. So if ever He comes around, and tells you to change everything in a single instant. Have the faith to do so.  

Anyways. Have a wonderful easter! I'll send you the message I sent to my mission today :) That would be fun. :) 

I love you so much mom! Sorry about the neklace. That would be slightly frustrating. but hey. such is life. :) 


Eldste Christopher Whetten

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