Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 1, 2014

Hey MOm!

I'm sorry about the wrong date to begin with. THat was probably really dumb to think one and then randomly be like, oh wait just kidding its actually another. Anyways. Turns out President had marked a different date than Sister Allen. Anyways. I feel like they should have talked to me about it anyways. I mean. anyways.

Speaking of the Allens Elder Allen is hilarious. So for april fools we TP'd his computer :) Yay for the mischevious assistants! :) Really though, we probably are the most unserious, while still be completely serious at the same time ever :) I really like Elder Linge. He's taught me a ton about urgency and Honestly about how you should finish your mission and anything else for that matter. At a full sprint. we're going sooo hard right now which almost makes it frustrating because if we were going this hard in normal misionary work I feel like there would be even more things happening. I didn't realize how much I would be jealous of the other missionaries who get to you konw, go outside and experience miracles everday while they're on their missions whilst we buy flights, drive cars around, figure out moves, and other such things. Don't get me wrong. There is a really cool spirit in the office... but after a full couple weeks of this its already driving me insane. No wonder AP's always come out of it completely off the handle. 

In other knews we made some shazzy brownies for President and Sister Evans which we then just left on their doorstep as we ran from their hous yesterday (they invited us to dinner whcih was sooo nice :) (and fun) (they don't scare me at all anymore. I just love them...) Long story short, Sister evans had told a parable of missionaries who had shortcutted on making brownies by using powdered sugar, oatmeal instead of flour, hot cocoa mix instead of powdered cocoa, milk instead of eggs, and finally using a microwave instead of an oven. So for our joke on them we decided to actually make the terrible thing that she had described jokingly before. It was pretty funny. I do have to say though we ran like crazy from their to our apt. with a norwegian woman, and she had this suuuper cute 8 year old son. 

Like its perfect. And shee was sooooo nice. She had remembered, made us muffins, and was super cool. When she read moroni's promise at the end of the lesson I at least felt the spirit super strong. Their little family is sooo cute!!! And I have to tell you the story behind this. After last week emials, we ran out because we just wanted to GET OUT and work! I'm at the point where taking a break feels silly and you might as well just keep going. Elder Linge agrees. So as we were driving we both felt almost at the exact same time that we needed to go try back this lady we had tried knocking before. We went, she was there, and told us to come back yesterday. We did, she let us in, and we ahd one of the best lessons of my entire mission. AH!!!! I just want her to make it soooo badly. I'm literally giving away more limbs than I have to make these things possible. Elder linge thinks its funny how many limbs i've given away so far in joking. :) AH! 

Also last monday we visited the stake president to follow up on a commitment to lead from the front in missionary work! We had had a supre powerful prayer and when we came back and just asked, sooo what are your thoughts since the last time we came, HE WENT OFF FOR LIKE A HALF OUR. most unreal member visit of my life. They've had allll these cool things happening to them. And now I was asked to give a 10 minute talk in stake conference. ... ahhh. Thats in front of everyone... oi. 

What else!!??! There has beeen soooooo much that has happened. I'm probably going to explode. We were in Trondheim for 2 days and on splits we ACTUALLY GOT TO JUST GO OUT AND TALK TO PEOPLE. We met this surfer dude from Lofoten (the number 1 place I want to go because even norwegians say its UNREAL PRETTY) And he was sooo chill. We taught him on a park bench because he had time, just staring out over the river and gamle trondhiem. Sooo prettyy. I'm sorry I can't send more pictures. I have thousands upon thousands at this point. all of them are amazing. OHH the prettiest sunsets here. At this point you're just going to have to wait.

So Its very likely I wont have time to write like anything next week becasue we are going on a 5 day road trip starting tomorrow and ending sunday night... ahh! and then we'll have tons of work piled up. Oh dear. But WE are driving FROM ÅLESUND TO TROMSØ. LOOK THAT UP. THATS LIKE THE ENNNNNTIIIIRRREEE COAST OF NORWAY!!! AHHHHH. WE ARE LITERALLY THE LUCKIEST PEOPLE ON EARTH. Hotel in ålesund sentrum. AND i get to go on splits with all my buddies up north all the way up to just find with them. Wow. I've done this whole email in 15 minutes so far. 

In other news pretty much every time we go outside we have found unreal positive people the FIRST TIME we stop anyone. Its incredible. God is literally jsut handing us people to teach without even making us work for it. Ah my life. 

BUT IM STILL GOING CRAZY BECAUSE WE DONT HAVE ANY TIME!!!! AH! In a week and half I will have a new companion and that companion will be my last. Its over. dangit. Yay for chocolate. K well i'm starving. We skipped dinner. Imma go home and eat now. But I love you in unreal amounts mom! Send my loove to everyone! I hate life, but at the same time, I LOVE just going as hard as I possibly can. Its just annoying that now of all times im in an office. maybe thats what does it.




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