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June 17, 2013

Hey Mom!

I could say it really doesn't matter how long your emails are, but you probably wouldn't listen to me anyways :) So thank you :) Usually since the week before, my life would have hit an up and down rollercoaster like 3 times over but actually this week I have been able to stay quite constant. I still feel pressure, but I can deal with it now. :) So thank you for your prayers mom. I have been made to match the challenge at hand, and miracles are falling from the sky at an incredible rate :) The only night I really didn't have a good sleep was saturday night and that was because of the crazy drunk people partying all night. Literally they were still rocking out by like 8 in the morning. I was not a happy camper that morning :) Other than that I have been sleeping quite well :) .. Even though its only dary for like 4 hours in the night... So I go to sleep in and wake up in light :) its kinda funny! Norways bonfire holdiay comes up this week! tHats where we get to go light a bonfire because its the longest day in Norway! Woot! 

In terms of others stuff, I would like to say that I have been broken on my mission mom. I know that some people get a lot more stiff on their missions, and.... I've done the opposite. So that one definately makees the list :D I guess it's just been my lot in life to be with very different missionaries than myslef. Almost every one of my companions has had the worst most immature potty \ I would have thought you were retarded in high school humors, and I've grown to really like it. :) I've grown a certain liking for Coke and... yup :) Thats about all I have to say about that :) I think the mission is supposed to make you better but I'm getting exposed to like everything and going downhill pretty fast :) My Judgement factor has also broken... judging people doesn't really work. ... like ever. I used to think I didn't but I did. ANd yup I'm going to stop confusing you :) 

As for driving! I practiced for the first time in like a year this week woot! And the lady wants me to take the test in a stickshift. In norway youhave to get a special liscence to drive stick :) sooo. yup. Its weird though. They do the brake before clutch and it just goes against every natural reaction in my whole body. So I had to get used to that. so no I don't have a car. I'm just getting my liscence. :) There are a few areas that have cars though... mostly up north and inland  :) On the west (WITH ALL THE AWESOME FJORDS!) you're exactly right... it makees no sense to have a car. :) so none of us do :) in the EAst they do though .

OK! wow. I don't have time. but i'll throw in my 2 cents for this week anyways! This week was epic. like for realsies. 
Tuesday we had a planned teach with a Jehovahs Witness (referall from our invs.) with Constanin. When we got there, he had brought a friend who is learning norwegian with him and then Collins (JW) had a freind with him as well. So there were 6 of us sitting around one table in the library... and then the awesomeness began. He started arguing with us. Apparantly I was the nice patient one so he kept trying to convince me but it was completely retarded. So the polish kid Constantin brought started asking me questions. ANd before collins could get in I just started teaching him (cause I was actually strategically positioned to block him off) So while Burt distracted the Jdub, I taught Kamil a first lesson. By the time I got to Collins's friend and started to get to know him, Collins and Burt were straight yelling at each other. If we weren't 6 dudes around a table we prolly would have been thrown out :) So while they were doing that, I learned that his friend Kiso was from Sri lanka, was catholic, and missed his church, and really liked everything I had said to Kamil. I through down neccesity of authoratative baptism in front of Constantin, and at the end Collins wanted to meet again, I told him no, and then said but hey Kiso can we meet with you? Sure. ... way sweet :) Thanks for the referall collins. Ha det bra :) IT was awesome. One of the coolest teaches I've ever had. Burt was flaming afterwords, and I was bubbling like a balloon. I had had a way spiritual teach with 3 other people while Burt and a Jdub were yelling at each other. QUite fun actually :) 

Wednesday was Zone Conference which I really don't have that much to say about. Apparantly I was supposed to prepare some intro to a practical that I ended up just winging, but I think it went really well :) We met the coolest chilliest muslim ever,,, like really... he was chill out of his mind. So cool :) Thursday we fixed a bike with Alastair and then he took us to the SUPER expensive sea food buffet again. Taught Kamil again with Constantin and it was just awesome. Then I drove, and then.... 

Friday ended up being a really cool day when I felt like I should give one of the former members we are working with a call and he said it must have been straight revalation that I called him. It was just a good convo. with him. He is soooo hard ot understand htough. Stavangersk is the worst dialect. I like it... but its hard. Especially when some people put way more throat into it than they need to. Saturday we had a whooole bunch of people show up to play soccer, and then we ate fried rice... who knew I could make that :) 

In other news, I had a short freak out as I hit what i'm going to call my other life mid life crisis. :) Sometimes im dead and want to just relax. But right now I just feel chill and like I love life whether i'm being pushed donw or whether i'm just getting carried along my way. Its not possible for me to feel bad about what i'm doing here, so in a way i really don't want this to end. But that's ok. I have a long way left. I'm not even to the halfway point yet. whoo. I'm still ok :) Missions are just awesome. MIne is 0 of what I thought it would be. Its 10 times better. That's all I have to say about it. When I share experiences, you prolly don't realize just how cool it is to see the Lord lead you to do the things you need to do. We have like 15 solid people we are working with now. only noine of them has anything to do with me or the work I did. And you probably don't realize how much I freaked out when someone ACTUALLY CALLED ME!!! LIke... I gave him a card. He ran off.... and then called me the next day!!!!!! OH BABY!!! I*M SOOOSOYS STOKED!!!! Best voice message ever!!!! WE are meeting with him in an hour... sooo cool!!! It's unheard of to have someone actually call the number on your card.... woa.

ANyways. My week was great. There is so much more.Last note.... 
MOm. I apologize for not saying:

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BIRTHDAY PACKAGE!!!! WOOOOOOTTT!!! I love it. Your easter candy is legit. mmmmmmm..... butterfigner eggs kill me. and kit kats.... and mmmm... thank you. ANd the harddvrive is the best! thank you THank you thank you! ANyways. I gotta go now! but I love you all so much! 



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