Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 22, 2013

Hey Crazy!

I do have to admit.... I think you take the crazy cake for this week :) So GJ! Bra Gjort! Det var dødsbra Altså!
I really have almost 0 idea what I'm going to say. I know... I'm terrible. I already spent way too much time freaking out at lauren about how awesome her story is :) Make sure she knows how awesome it is that I think it is.... Go Team! As for your weather, I might have to agrue and say that our weather for this week is actually going to be better than yours. It is absolutely nydeligt here right now. Its almost hot even. I almost don't even want to wear my new warm fuzzy sweater around the apartment :) 

K well. You all probably think i'm an apostate bum because all I ever say I feel like is weird random stuff and nothing about what actually is going on.... All you hear is the funny stories where we are walking to the bus by the pond stariing at this guy eating a big subway style sandwhich which.... gets knapped by a bird that swoops down over his shoulder after he takes a bite a flies off with it... THat bird was trailed by about 50 other birds who wanted a piece of that sandwich.... the only sad part was the crying dude with no sandwich, and my crying companion who couldn't breath or move he was laughing so hard.... that was a good boost to get us through that day :)

In other news I had one of the Elders from Bergen on splits with me this week, Elder Gustafson. :) He's a goofball but he was a way funny and chill kid. I'll just say we had a really good day. I actually had a fantastic week this week. I needed to know that the Lord was there and He showed me that. I think in a way the more I become immersed in serving and becoming the best I can be I tend to forget who is actually here helping me. I don't really think I ever had that greenie faith that people talk about so maybe mine is coming in just a little bit late :) It is a really cool experience, to look into yourself and to talk to others about where their faith in God really is. No faith is completely certain. No faith is provable. And it is never enough on it's own. Its really up to us to keep finding ways to become better and see His hand in our lives. One day I can't wait to be able to talk to you about some of the experiences that I've had here. I am actually really truly not that good in a lot of ways, but I think that's what's helped me to grow the most. Is through failure. I had a talk with some of the other missionaries last week where they got me talking a little bit about my experience in Oslo, and it's almost a joke its so funny. Its kinda a sad story, but it's one that means almost more than anything else i've ever experienced. But back to splits, Gustafson had an epifany that i'm actually a real person, and that made his life :) We taught Constantin and Generosa and that was probably one of the coolest teaches ever... She actally understood really well what we were teaching, she prayed, and it was just the perfect setting ever! She has no belief in Christ doesn't like church, but now she loves ours, and understands christ. Its the coolest thing in the world to see! He fell asleep, and constantin locked himself out :) 

We taught scottish guys who got way intense, romanians, guys who believe straight up in aliens, and a muslim who had a straight yelling sesh with burt. Wrong day bro. Du MÅ LESE KURANEN FORSTÅR DU?!?!? it was super funny and annoying :) We ran to busses and trains, coreagraphed a dance to backstreet boys, played signs, painted a house, talked with funny kids. I had an inactive man i just randomly sat with at church and I learned he hadn't been back for 15 years, and just decided by himself he wanted to come back... super cool. What a champ. I miss playing with kids... We have some phillipeno people who just moved here that we actually just barely taught, and we are going to go help them around the city right now. soooo yeah. I'm gonna go now. I feel like i just rambled a bunch anyways. A lot of things I learned and felt this week are too personal to share but it's been really good. 

Even if you don't understand, don't give up. Its interesting. I always thought missionaries just had these rock solid testimonies like: dude, I KNOW this is true... but I don't think I'll ever get to that point here. Sometimes its really easy to believe. More often than not it's a lot harder.  WHen the crap hits the fan and its time to go out sometimes you muster all the courage you can and wonder if you really are alone, or if there is someone there helping you, or if all the people who pray for you are really helping. You just keep striving, keep pushing. Nothing comes all once. God works one step at a time. :) 

I love you so much mom! Have fun painting up the biz!



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