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August 12, 2013

OK FunMomsicle,

I should tell you the new fad that we've adopted here in Stavanger: The Care Face. Apparently its a normal thing for Norwegian kids to do but its basically a face you give when you would say 'really?'. yup. its pretty fun. you basically just pull down on your eyelid with one finger and stare at them with an expressionless face. Yup. THen you have staring contests like that to see who laughs first. its like a staring contest on steroids :) 

Don't ask me why I shared that :) 

There really isn't too much to say about this week. I think I might have said a little bit too much last week and I don't have very much time so I'm going to have to keep this one shorter. And on top of that our Zone Training and me getting the flu took most of the week. The things that did happen were straight miracles that fell from heaven right into our laps... So there isn't a whole lot to say :)

We had a way cool training about Goal setting and planning with a focus on Christ. It was kinda weird how a 3 hour meeting about that ended up being the best on yet. One of the practicals that Elder Burt and I showed in front of everyone was a Comp study practical where we practicaled inside a practical. Basically my point with this is that I was teaching a plan of salvation teach and he said he believed in reincarnation and wanted to be a lion. I started laughing so hard I started crying and physically couldn't continue with with the practical. KO. Good one bro :) it was super good though.

So that was basically monday planning for it, tuesday giving it and helping the sisters out. Wednesday we went on contacting splits with the sisters around the pond which was super fun, and went super well cause we set some goals that actually worked! Woot! Go team :) Sister Mourik was concerned that the only people she can stop are muslims so I explained that sometimes people have a certain knack for stopping certain people and the only people I ever talk to are Atheists. :) So as a bonus to her, we got her an appt with a cool atheist girl. She was extatic :) That night was super funny. I think I've told you that our MMK here is the former LEADER of the most elite special forces group in all of Europe. More or less or mission leader is one of the most deadly assasins in the world. Yup. That's not a joke either. and he doesn't like being late... so when he got a call from us asking him why he forgot he had some ... funny exclamations :) It was a funny night. I hope this huge talent show that we are doing next week goes well. To bad I won't be here anymore.... that kindof really sucks a lot. 

Thursday morning I got a call that I was being released as a zone leader and I'm going to Bergen to be the District Leader and as a Trainer. Right before I go to Bergen. So that was funny. THis is interesting because I was put in so young and I feel like i'm being released right when President doesn't have anyone to replace me with. In a way I almost felt like I had failed but I honestly don't really feel that way. I*m just needed somewhere else :) This next transfer has 14 new elders so even the zone leaders here in stavanger will be training. So tons of chiz is going down next week. ANd I'm going to go live life peacefully in Bergen and work my brains off :) I'll say more later but I'm super excited. Bergen is a suupper cool place. that is what the world goes to when they think of Norway :) Tons of famoous things are there. And i'm excited to be in a big city again. BAsically the funnest thing ever. check out this webstie that has a sick video that shows what bergen is like: ps. I will be there for this... :)

yeah so then we flew to bergen and it was the prettiest flight I've ever been on. The pilot slowed down a bit and flew lower just so we could see the spectacularness of HardangerFjord. It was ammmmazing. The we flew back and dinner with Chris and Chelsea hill. :) They are soooo cool. 

Friday and Saturday I was sick with the flu. Call me retarded but we went out anyways. for as long as I could without throwiing up, and instead of getting nothing we kept running into investigators and teaching them on benches on the streets. That LITERALLY was all the time we had this week so that was ssuper cool. Having the flu sucks. But actually we ended this week more positive than ever before in Stavanger. We have 5 people we are going to commit to baptism this week. Most of whom fell from the sky ie. just showed up at church and said she wanted to be a member.... uh... or a dude who contacted us in bergen and looked up the churhc, and downloaded the bom on vacation and has read almost the whole thing and really wants to meet withus this week... uhhh.... ok :) 

Yestereday was awesome. We had constantin and Generosa in church again, along with guy we met a few weeks ago and this way cool lady. After church and running around like crazy people we went to the Steffonsons with CandG for dinner. It was a barbecue on the back porch and it was the funnest thing ever. We sang more songs, and taught them about christ. It was super cool and now Generosa just needs to get herself DØPT already!!!!! :) 

ok. too long of an email already :) But I love you all so much. Needless to say I have felt the prayers in my behalf. My testimony was and is being tested to the very core. But the farther I go the closer I feel to Him and the more I feel like my true confidence in myself, and my self worth is unbreakable. one year ago, getting released as a zone leader would have been hard. If you account it at all to numbers I would feel like I have failed. Burts dad said: a leader feels success when his zone succeeds. Well... My zone has been struggling under my watch, but that hasn't made me feel like a failure. IT's just forced me to find out where the spirit works with me. ANd it just keeps comming. :) THat's alright. It doesn't bother me too much :) I love you all soooo much :) I'm just kinda giddy to move forward. ANd i'm super pumped to train :) 

I told this to Lauren but when all is said and done Satan blinds people. I dare you to find meaning in life without Jesus Christ. You can be happy without him, but you will never be full. Or at least when I looked at myself I couldn't get there without it :)   

Your son,

E. Christopher Wheten

ps. I'll get on later and answer back to your eamil ok? ;) VannKrig!!!! 

Life is Epic. 

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