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July 29, 2013

You see Wuthmer,

It is actually quite a specific art that of the norwegian language :) Because thou canst speak jo the normal Norwegian  but the googler doesn't quite have its puny brain wrapped around the awesomeness of DIALECT!!!! JK.  I'll try not to type in dialect if I do end up saying anything in norwegian. The problem is that I often just throw in one word that's norwegian and there is so many meanings for the word noe, that any translator who wasn't a real person who could speak norwegian and english would get completely owned. Like for example ødelagt. Dos that even come up as anything normal? Its the past tense of destroy. Æ ska' ødelegge Dæ!!! jk. that was dialect :) sorry :) Anyways. that's one challenge with norwegian is that you have tons of different dialects that all have different ways of saying really basic words. It takes a long time to learn and get used to :) BAsically I have to be your translator... :) so just ask me! I apologize however for my unintentional norwegain words that have become common to my språk. 

I'm glad you liked his email. :) Its honestly pretty hard to email every single week. Especially here. There is so many crazy things that happen if I went into all the details that I would If I were just talking... I would be writing all day. I don't have the patience or the time for that. :) But I'll try to be better. Sorry for crappy emails! Not neccessarily a strong point of mine, however I have seen/read much worse :) And you are right mom :) And Fred is wrong! He's still awesome though... :)

This week was actually a really fun week. It started out pretty crazy on monday where we taught some phillipino's norwegian, and then about the gospel, and then showed them how to get around stavanger :) They are all super new so we were just kinda helping them around :) it was super fun. Then they all came to FHE on monday night, where Elder Burt and I took the lesson :) IT was actually super cool. We sat down to plan the lesson like 15 minutes before it started because we had been running around like crazy people all day and found out that planning a 20 minute lesson when you are used to doing 3-4 meetings takes about 30 seconds :) So that was fun. After our missionary oriented lesson to all the YSA we played skit in a bag and I have some funny videos of that. :) One of the investigators that came is a profesional actor and it was super funny. I just hit Holden with noodles :) That was my job! I don't know if any of you are familiar with Philippinos and kareoke but they love it. We had a little kareoke party afterwords and that was super funny. You just had to be there though. There were a few people that were A: amazing at singing, and B: Were getting really into it. I think I almost died laughing :) 

Middle of the week we had a bunch of time with no appointments, so we hit the streets hard this week. It was pretty fun too actually. We ended up setting up 3 appointments right in a row for wednesday but when we went not a single person showed up... bummer. Sånn er livet. (such is life)... sort of :) Wednesday was also the start of the Glad Mat Festival, which translated directly and indeirectly means the Happy Food Festival :) Basically there were thousands of people going and the streets were either empty or had just streams of people going to that.... We walked through it once and had a drunk guy go crazy on us :) It was a funny experience. He ended up hitting his glasses off his face and straight yelling at us in the middle of thousands of people. Burt gave him a little pat on the arm and we walked off, him screaming the whole way... Good one dude. I officially knocked on a door in a hotel, and had crazy birdfeeding man come up and talk to us. :) ACtually we've been having run ins with drunk dudes a lot this week... walking home there were like 4 in a row that one after the other kept yelling after us... :) yeah well. 

What am I even talking about? The best part of the week was the end where we taught this American lady named sarah. She's probably the nicest person I've ever taught on my whole mission. Ok, well one of the coolest anyways :) America is awesome. ANd for your information I don't deny the fact that i'm ever coming home. I'm just not allowed to think about that very much. We talked with her for like 2 hours and it was super cool. Yay for people that actually believe in God!!!! Really. You have no idea how nice it is to talk to someone who doesn't question that God answers prayers. We taught the coolest muslim I've ever met too. Most of them just tell you to DU Må lese kuranen Forstår du?!?!? and its irritating :) On that day we had 0 time to contact but I stopped one dude and we ended up getting an appt with him for the next day. HE was Super cool! He's from cuba but I feel like he's from jamacia. :) Super chill kid. 

We also got stopped by some Christian Youth Missionaries this week. We were just chilling waiting for our jamacian dude to show up and these two girls and a dude came over and talked to us. We actually noticed them a long time before that becasue they were dressed modestly and here that stuck out a ton.... LIke you have no idea. It caught our attention... med en gang?... uh sorry :) But they just came over and asked if they could pray for us. It was interesting becasue they were just dresssed in normal clothes but it was still pretty cool. I actually felt like they were on our team :) For funsies I opened up a personal dialog at the same time as they were praying, and was able to see the situatioin the way God saw it. I think I have become much more at peace with how much God really does love all of us, despite the clear infuence of Satan. 

ANyways. We did some more stuff. but i'm kinda out of time. to answer your questions really quick I use a plane like every week and half to two weeks... depends on whats' going on :) I like it though. That is one dream that will never die. I wish I could fly sooo badly :) i love it :) Especially when its just a one day I don't have to pack all my greier sort of thing :) but it is tiring. I'm sure you know :P I'll probably let you know more about what's happening at transfers next week.. the end of this 12 week one is in 3 weeks. WE just had a mini transfer where they took one of our sisters away which was super sad. We actually have gotten pretty close. Much crying happened when she left. I'm so sick of goodbye's. :) oh well. I honestly have no idea what is going to happen to me, but we'll see :) Itll be fun :) To answer your question, I love life. And I'm super happy despite how hard it is :) ANd I love you all to pieces. :D Sorry I can't join you all this year but I'll be back before you know it :) 

Thank you so much Funmommie!!!! :)  I really like that :) 



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