Monday, August 26, 2013

August 5, 2013

Hey MinneMomma!
(that means my mom in english, and memory momma in norwegian :) )

Sounds like you guys had a super fun week. :) According to Lauren you all are 'vacationed out' :) sounds fun. I'm also very grateful that our poor car made it one last time :) For some reason it seems like that little van will survive just about anything :) Just as a random question, how much would it cost to actually buy a couple of kayaks? I don't feel like they would be super expensive but maybe I'm wrong :) 

I'm going to have to be honest however this last week was good, but it was really hard. I'm almost at a complete loss of what to say about it. .. :/ This is one of those times, that just being able to talk to you would be about a million times more effective than trying to write it down in an email. In terms of cool events, i had a funny experience on tuesday. It was the day of my driving test and I have to give a little backround so that you know why I was a little bit stressed about it. When I got here Anderson told me that I needed to take the test in an automatic car because a manual is a lot harder. (if you want to drive manuals, you have to get a specific license for it) I didn't reallyt know why because I had always driven a manual at home but I figured that he was probably right. When my driving instructor showed up though, she had a manual car and not an automatic. Fast forward a little bit she was kind of less nice, and told me that unless I spent money out my ears I wouldn't be ready to pass the test, but I told her to stuff it and that I was going to take the test anyway. so thats what happened. I was a little stressed out about it because the difference between the cars is that manual transmissions here you hit the brake first and not the clutch. I had to switch around my whole way of doing things and if I messed up once, I would fail. but at the actual test it went awesome. :) He told me I passed before we were even back at the vegvesen again :) so that was cool! Yay for being able to drive anywwhere in europe for forever and get cheaper insurance! Go team. what was funny is that I ended up wandering around Forus by myself for like 40 minutes before I decided to give up trying to find a bus and just call Elder Haugen (the senior couple here) :) He is a funny guy :) Ps. dad, the 600 kr. or 100 dollars ish I pulled out was to cover a little extra on my drivers license. So that is all money i now have back in cash... it didn't go anywhere :) I don't really know wehre I was going with that story, but I might as well just let you read it and not erase it :) 

Wednesday we flew to oslo again (we are going to be flying every week for the next 7 weeks... crazy!) and had a good time there. The highlight was talking to Elder Abrams about some of the funny things that happen in Stavanger..... Stavanger is pretty much the best area ever :) Yesterday's testimony meeting involved all of the youth and ysa getting up and bearing testiomony about how awesome it is to be out with the missionaries :) Thats been one of the coolest things here is taking them all out all the time. Our mission leaders stepson is actually leaving for utah this week for exchange school! woot! that means Andrè will be leaving soon! aww.... but yay! 

THursday we taught one american family with 3 little boys and there ended up being another american family who just moved here with 3 more little kids there too... it was a madhouse. :) That was the family that I skyped from if you remember their little kids :) IT was a crazy house. Nei takk to teaching primary :) It was fun though. We had Emil the bishops son with us and hes pretty much the chillest coolest kid ever. Myklebustveien man.... we ended up wandering around the countryside for like an hour trying to find this one house in the middle of nowhere, and when we finally found it this kid in his boxers answered the door and said the dude we were looking for wasnt home.... wah wah waaaaa... oh well. We taugh Generosa again and that was super funny. She ended up draggin constantin to an activity on friday with her. she is super cool. Other than that I don't have a whole lot to say.... unless you want to hear about when my Mission president took all the senior couples to a pub for dinner :) 

I love you all so much. I had a dream that rachelle and Fred and you and dad came as missionary couples to norway and were in my zone.... :) it was funny :) I can't wait to be home and go chill in the Idaho house with you. Unfortunately for me I know the second I'm sitting there doing nothing I will want to come back so badly it will hurt, so I'm going to try my very best to enjoy this despite how long and hard the road seems sometimes. :) thank you for always always listening to me mom. It means the world to me. Nothing can quite compare with your parents no matter how hard it may try :)

Love the son that will be yours forever and ever and ever some more,

Christopher :)

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