Friday, March 28, 2014

March 24, 2014

Definately not a bust :) 

Though, at this point i'm oficially concerned about our family's obsession to pillow pets. Unfortunately, I have no time to consider that and I have even less time to write emails, from now, to the rest of my mission. Which is a slight drawback. In fact today we're not even taking a Pday, we're just kinda going. Because We are going to be gone a ton this week. ANd next week. And the week after that.... So I have to write this super fast unfortunately. 

ANyways. My life has been crazy. I'll tell you all about it sometime, but my first few days in the office have been super hectic and fun, and stressful, and i've learned a ton of stuff. REally though I just realized I have no time. 

My last day in trondheim was hilarious and awesome. I got to eat dinner with Ben Weggerson and Jan Peder and Tore were there, which is super cool because they are my favorite. :) Tuesday we went ham and I met with Elinor for the last time, and then had a way cool dinner with Faviola dunn and her husband. It was cool because I was able to share the experiences I've had and more especially in Bergen with fighting on the Lords team. It was way cool. 

Wednesday I had a 7 hour train ride from Trondheim to Oslo. HOly smokes. It was pretty , but mostly eventful. I didn't know to begin with that they had assigned seating so when the man came to check my ticket he told me to move, along with all my stuff. FAbulous. so wonderful right? So I got to move all my luggage from one end of this long region train to the other. 
First was car 6, full of old people, who looked at me funny. Car 5 had the workers who clearly saw that I was struggling. Car 4 had a bunch of weirdo's but I realized I had found my seat. I was sitting in the one spot on the train where you have 4 seats facing each other, and of course 2 of them were already filled. One with a lady who clearly looked like she was irritated and another with and older looking man who looked like he could be a biker, complete with a du-rag and all and definately smelled funny. But hey at least I had a window seat. So I spent like a half hour making 3 trips, and collapsed sweaty on the chair. 

A few minutes later a girl got on with a HUge luggage that she clearly needed help with so i helped her to heave it up onto the rack over our heads and then she thanked me and ran off. Unfortunately it was snowing a bunchoes and the train was warm. Enter the trains rainy season. I thought it was funny. And at this point I learned that the man was actually a priest from another church, though youd never guess it by his clothes. He was a funny guy. That church is actually the church that houses all of the narcopeople in tronheim. (druggies) So these two poor people got up and moved for a minute because it literally started raining water from the meltage from the rack above us, so I grabbed my bag got some towels and fixed it... sort of :) It was funny. Me and Ane (the lady who was super nice) had a really nice time. She was super nice and we ended up talking for almost 4 hours. It was a fun experience. 

THen it was 3 in the afternoon. Elder Linge my new companion picked me up, and I didn't stop or eat anything that day until sister clark's burny dinner. He can't drive, so I get to drive the missions van everywhere :) Joy. Especially in Norway where having a big car is a huge disadvantage. I've been learning. I've forgotten most of what I know about excel. and yup. THats basically it. Axel is a recently baptized young man 15 years old, and he is unbelievable. So cool and so mature. He gave a talk yesterday after being a member for 3 months and it was amazing. We are still teaching his dad. 

We flew up and had a conference on friday which was fun, and me Elder BAdger(my mtc comp) Elder Linge and Edler Bitner said our last goodbyes. Elder Linge leaves in less than 3 weeks. INSANE: i still have a ton to learn. 

On a much more serious note: I have had some way cool spiritual experiences this week. I went back and read my setting apart blessing, and you basically could say that it was a patriarchal blessing for my mission. It had everything. In such cool ways I can't even describe right now. Me and elder linge the first guy we contacted told us he wanted to meet and then said, hey i live right above you! here's my number! lets meet next week. INSANE. 

I cant' even explain how much i've learned. It's been unreal. I still have so many things I lack. I have however learned, that if you have a spiritual confirmation that you are where you need to be. then STICK TO IT. And don't look back. No. What you were doing then wasn't perfect. You needed to do better. But it doesn't take away what you did in the past. If you are where you need to be then trust in the path that brought you here. AH I can't even explain it. If people don't like you as a leader, then cool. Join the club of Christ who did the same. If its hard to be what you need to be, join the club. If you still aren't good enough then get in the club where through Christ we can be perfected. 

Wow. I could rant for forever right now. Do missionary work! Its the best thing ever! Hunt it down! Sniff it out! Its hard and always worth it. 



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