Friday, April 12, 2013

April 1, 2013

psss... heh heh. Happy aprilsnær! heh he. I didn't tell you what k bab pizza is... heh heh. :)

Hey Mom!!!!

While we're on the subject of mundane things... it's interesting to be a missionary. Every once in a while on pday I wake up and really don't care to do anything Pdayish, because everything else is jus worth so much more. The farther I get into my mission, the more i realize just how important what we do is, and how hard it will be hard to find meaning in life when I'm not always focused on others and helping them with eternal salvation. Even on a day where you wander around and no one will talk to you the entire day you can still feel like you are doing something that is so important. I know that every missionary says this and everyone else is like: 'no way man' But for realsies... the thought of coming home scares the heck out of me. Mostly for that reason. ANyways that's waaaaay down the eternal pit of blackness that never ends. Secretly I'm never leaving :D

It actually sounds like you guys had a pretty intensical week. Filled with awesomeness though :) I really like your idea of throwing in some extra birthday days! thats a good idea :) I'm totally going to celebrate like a norwegian for the rest of my life so you all are welcome to join along with us! Woot! 

What is a Kbab pizza eh? That is the grand question of the twenty first century of the treasure of a thousand islands of a world lost in a universe of a monkeys eyeball who is eating a bananna...
A kbab pizza is basicalll a kbab on a pizza... :D no lettuce though. That would be gross... heh

My easter was fantastic! ok. well... actually it was really good. There really wasn't a whole lot different. We're missionaries mom :) But I don't think you really understand Moss yet.... In Moss I have a dinner with a member EVERY single night. including easter :) We had really good turkey and this bluberry jello ice cream cream mix.... oohh man so good. They feed us well. :) and this waaay cool famliy invited us over for like 25 minutes so we could do an easter egg hunt led by their little son :) super cute. Norwegians just look for a single egg on their hunt, and its a huge one loaded with candy :) it was super fun. Sidenote: Guess... what?!? I've gained 6 kilo's in moss so far!!! duood that puts me at almost 153 pounds!!! Yess heh heh. anyways. thats mostly because we've been doing P90X every morning :)

This week was really cool too. Sometimes I feel like I should be inparting all this great wisdom because I'm a missionary, but I honestly don't have any :) I don't know anything more than the rest of you. But it is cool to see how much of the atonement I've been able to experience on my mission rather than just learn about. That's probably the one of the coolest things from this week. Friday man... i was done. I woke up and I just knew I just didn't have what it takes that day. I've been having the problem lately of just not feeling adequate. But i remember just getting this super strong feeling that: hey. it's going to be ok. And throughout the next couple days I literally just was carried through and saw things that were huge miracles to me. Friday was a national holiday and literally every store in the country (except for the muslim market :) is closed. But even though there was no one outside, We talked to a lot of people. We even got this girls number in the worst contact i've ever done in my life. It was the first one that day, and my mind was literally blown. It was way cool. On saturday we ate with this member who is crazy, and she was feeding half the ward that night, but her son and grandsons were there and we literally were all laughing histerically after being together for like 40 minutes. It was perfect. I don't even nkow how we did it, but we just clicked wtih them. And they totaly brought out my inner child :) It was super fun. I can't even describe it. i fetched water from the nile... And noah became a missionary that day... anyways it was awesome. We talked with the dad at the end and we can totally go over and talk to them more about the gospel and everything!! it was laweslosm.øe 

This whole being on a mission thing is still kinda a joke but I'm loving it. It's super hard, but at the same time super .... fantastisk. I've learned that no amount of anything I do can do this. It's all up to him. As long as I am willing, he'll show me just how much he can do. I continue to learn a ton about faith and ah! just everything. I'll keep going. I hope you guys have a super awesome break! Tell matthew to send me some more vids! me and my comp thought those were sweet!

Anyways! I love you so much mom! I can't wait to talk to you in like.... a MONTH!!! WOOT!



Ps. IS ANYONE AS EXCITED ABOUT GC AS I AM!?!?! Sorry I didn't really get to that but it's super awesome! 
Antoher random fact aobut moss! it's the translating center for the church into norwegain. So all the GC talks i've been listening to in norwegian I now know the people that are talking! its super cool! The ward is super awesome here. I'm actually getting to know a lot of them really well! K cool well bye!

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