Thursday, May 9, 2013

April 8, 2013

Ok OKOK I¨'m soorrryy!! :) wow.. :)
it was only april fools ya know :)


I had planned on doing much worse things and then decided against it so you wouldn't hate me :) Unfortunately today i want to go up to Vestby with the rest of my district since it's our last day together... soo I'm going to have to make this one short mom. sorry :)

but to answer your question We watched all of conference at the Moss chapel... It was... legit. Conference is the best on your mission. We are at teh chapel where all the translating happens so i know all the voices that translate... so cool! We had an invs. come for two of the sessions, and the elders from fstad came up to stay saturday and sunday night with us... we appropriately named it: Super Weekend :) Cause it was super. and great. And a lot of fun. Conference was absolutely incredible. I can't get enough man. Sometimes I don't think i've changed... then. I look back to where I was and how I felt about conference even 6 months ago. It is the world of difference. I don't even know who that was 6 months ago. Its great. Fantastic. president Uchtdorfs preisthood talk was definitely one of my favs and his other one. :) Elder holland man... I feel like I put on a seat belt for all of his talks. its like ok strap in for the ride man. :) Bomb. Absolutely and withouth queestion legit. I think everyone feels just how fiery that guy is though. Also the one by Cardon... bomb. straight up :) I loved the whole thing though. We watched the english in the relief sonc. room but the Sunday aft. we watched in the chapel all by ourselves. We switched the trans. to norwegian a couple of times just for fun :) Anyways

As you may have already picked up, I said this was my last day with my district. Yup. I'm fired. I'm not even going to saprsborg at all either. Nor will Elder Callister ever be my comp. I'm getting sent to Sandnes on the other dødsn' side of norway. Like tomorrow. Burts greenie is coming but Weavers is not, so I'm just getting kicked out altogether. boo. We had a supper fun week together. I was loving life this week. But now i'm gone. Pres threw me a major curveball on that one. So as such i'm no longer DL either :) I must have done a pretty bad job when he came last week ... heh. yup. oh well. You learn right :) Its dumb. ... i'm not happy. I just feel like we are getting a way tight district, and I feel like i know what i'm doing and... nope. denial.

Yeah well.

We can talk more about sandnes later. :)

This week was PACKED. We had tons of fun. We actually had to cancel a ton of stuff to fit everything in this last week. That's a good sign usually :) but woa.... I can't even say it all. Funny story:


The end.

Ok just kidding. but really he's a man. ... who came to church.... who wanted us.... to come teach him..... and when....... we got to his house...... you could smell the smoke..... from 2 floors down. (im' singing this in my head right now.) Anyways. Good thing i'm already a second hand smoker otherwise I would have died. He had emptied like 6 pakcs of smokes in like 2 hours... plus 7 bottles of beer. Our clothes have been hanging out the window for days :)

We helped the youth with a missionary activitiy on wednesday and it was hilarious :) And soooper fun. It was soo cool to be able to take a setep back and say wow. I'm a missionary. THis is what we do. Me and burt were just those super pumped super excited missionaries you always see. We love life, and it loves us back.

That family with the 2 boys we had last week INVITED US OVER this week!!!! IT was incredible!!!!!! We had a mission goal to get 60 new invs. this week and just moss and fredrikstad alone got double  what we needed to! It was a great week. Those boys are awesome though I just realized I won't see them ever again. Life is sad sometimes. Yeah well.
We played Badminton

We had a sweet DM where we all felt the spirit way strong, got Kbabs with pineapple and way good saus. WE now have lov to take our suit jackets off All the TIME!!!! yay! ANd we had a way cool member missionary pump up. Just when i know what iæ'm doing i have to leave....

K there is tons more. Incredible Fjord views and epic people, but that's about all i have time for mom :)

 As to emials, I actually print some of them off and read them later. :) THough its always fun to get something in the mail during the week. Either way is fine. just pick. Time isnot a huge issue though :)

I love you so much mom. I'm sorry that a whole bunch of stuff is happening. i'll try my best to be optimistic and show the joy and the love I know I have. :) I truly have learned so much about the atonement though through all of my experiences. Missions are the best. Anywayz. Keep going! I'll talke to you guys from a slightly differnet spot enxt week! Wish me luck! I'm in for a ride.... in a threesome.



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