Thursday, May 9, 2013

April 15, 2013

A ferry, Train, and a plane ride later,

Hey Mom!!!

Unfortunately I'm really just going to have to say the same thing to youthat I said to everyone else..... I have no time today. So sorry. But befor I forget!!!

Smedgata 7
4013 Stavanger

Yup! I'll tell kristy this too! but if between the two of you I could somehow manage to get a hoodie much the same to my old white one that would be fantastic! I have really needed one. We always open the windows at night here becuase it stinks a ton... soo yeah. its chilly. I need to more koseligness. Also.... some sort of glasses case. so I have some way to carry them around. If this doesn't wrork out thats fine. I'll find one :)

Our family sounds like intense things are happening. I wish I could be there to help you guys. Just know that I definately keep you guys in my prayers mom :) always. Dang, I was totally going to get you guys some pictures today, but unfortunately i haven't had the mulighet yet... sorry no time. I'll send some later !

So to fill in all the gaps you have about sandes... it's actually a way cool area, and the city is super preetty. Every day riding the trian in we actually are right by a fjord and I haven't seen a more 'norway' looking city yet. Actually Stavanger is way cool too. I think I actually like it a little better. its super clean and super pretty, and pdays in this area are some of the best in the mission cause you have so many hikes to go on. If you've ever heard of prekestua, that's the biggest stragiht drop in the world... yupt thats here. I'm going :) And it's just gorgeoues here. This area is definatly a fav of everyone in the mission, despite that the dialect is terribly bad :)

But. I do have to say one thing. I have no idea why i'm here. These past few days have been some of my hardest in a while. I have no idea how long i'm going to be staying here. And the apt. is only meant for 4 people so I've been sleeping on the floor and living out of a broomcloset, and studying on the floor, or couch.... depends :) so that's my life :) i'm like the biggest 3rd wheel possible. I'm with a trainer and his greenie, and they have already been getting tons of success... so i just kinda chill. my existence makes no difference right now... oh well.

What really sucks is how much i was loving life in moss. We had a baptismal date with a guy and had gotten the area from 0 invs. to more the 10 while I was there. super legit. We were doing awesome and I loved life. Now I'm here, and I don't really have a place. All the time the Zl's will just steal me cause they need someone extra, or the couple here is stealing me tonight, or whatever it is... i'm just kinda the werid addition. The tumor as I call myself. oh well there's not a whole lot to do but make the best of it. i definitely love the area though. To answer your other questson I'lll  prolly be here until transfers in two weeks. AFter that I have no idea where i'll be. so hopefully I can survive that . To put a cherry on all of these, weird new feelings of unbelongingness, I've been super sick... so... eyah.

But hey :) I still love life for the most part. It would have been pretty hard to pull down just how good I felt about missions last week. Sometimes they just suck... yeah well. Threesomes aren't super fun though. Especially when the other 2 kinda are already in the groove, i mostly just go where told sit, and watch.... whereas before I was wrecking house as a DL and our area was just starting to totally take off. Anyways. Life is good. I just got to get over this weird awkward phase of not knowing anyone, liveing with more than just one companion, and everything else. sigh. ok. On the other hand... We played innebandy for the first time and thta was super fun. I can dunk. The weather has been beautiful, i get to live out of a broomcloset! And i literally don't have to worry about anything :) So it's pretty fun. I just lmiss burt, and moss, and everyone there. I was just gettting to love everything. yeah. well. So life is good.

I'll definatly have to takes some pics of rosemaling... that could be my new quest :) I have seen some i've just never had my camera with me. Sometimes its just nice to go uten ryggsekk. :) ANyways. I've already wasted enough of your time :) for this upcoming week, I honestly have 0 idea what to expect. I'm just trying as hard to get my feet on the ground and dig in. cause once I do that I can do anything :)

Thank you so much for the pics! I haven't looked at them yet but I will and I'm sure I will love them!!! Dood mom! guess what! I get to call you guys in like less than a month! CWAZY! That'll be fun. Until then I will keep trying to do everything I can here and praying my heart out for everyone. If there is anything else I cna do mom just let me know. If you could give me grandmas email i'd love to eamil her. To answer your question, it's really cool to get something in the mail every once in a hwile but its a lot easier for me to just eamil. so that would be cool :)

I love you all so much!

Have a great week! I'll see ya on the other side!


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