Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 6, 2013


I'm super excited to be a dad :) But I doubt even then I will understand how much you love me :) It's a principle that I've talked about with several other people, that even if I was the biggest bum on the planet here, you all would still love me and be proud of me :) So now its just up to me to live up to that :) 

About my currency and my parental situation: Sandnes is about a 15 minute train ride from stavanger, so the Stavanger Zl's and the Sandnes Elders live together for the time being. What basically happened is I got moved here so that I would go to the stavanger Elders area, but since they are zone leaders, he didnt want them in a 3 some... so then i was with sandnes. With moves this last week, I got a bed (yea!)  yea, and even did I recieve a position and place in the which that I could study, Yea, and I say unto you, in this thing was the missionary Elder Whetten quite glad of heart, that he could now study in peace, without the persecution of his bretheren the lamanites. And Behold the wicked Elder Abrahams, was kast out, and sent to the faraway land of trondheim, and for this cause what Elder whetten able to acheive his place in the stavanger area :) 

or in other words, one of the dudes left for trondheim :) So I get his spot and his phone and job and stuff :) Make sense? Not that I've really been able to enjoy it yet because we've been running around like mad people trying to get ready for the zone training thingy tomorrow but it's been nice. Even though moving around has been hard, I do know that I'm being taught the things I need, and I'm getting some extra help to help me meet my new responsibilties and do everything I need too :) 

In terms of cool things that happened this week, We just started teaching this man and his wife from Uganda, and its been super cool. Both of them came to church and it was just a really cool first teach with them. I have never had so many normal teaches as I have here. Wedenesday was national, rage against the man, day :) Nobody works, no storyes are open, and it's basically a day where everyone marches on the g├ągates holding picket signs and such :) pretty cool. I ate a deadly kbab though... ugh. not good for you :)

As for sickness, I really don't know what I've had. just a general: I feel like poopiness kind of feeling. I'm fine now :) I'm just workiing on getting both feet on the ground right now. That may not happen since we're flying up to bergen this week but we'll see. I just want to go back to Moss, or Oslo where things made sense :) 

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes mom :) I won't tell you the story where we jogged home in a straight up blizzardy hail storm this week :) Every inch was soaked. I literally felt like I had just stepped into an icy pool of water and then started running in a full suit. :) Weirdo. Myself :) Or the part where we went to the gorgous beach and stood by the edge of the rocks so wee could get cool pics of us getting splashed on... heh ok fine I'll just give you the pic :) it's pretty cool :D I await the pckge with anticicpatinon :) I really need some more space on my camera! 

Well I'm out of time. But thank you sooo much mom. If nothing else just know I feel good right now. I really needed the love today :) i'm just going to stop worrying about things so much. ANd go tell people what I know can change their lives. Missionary work is the coolest experience on this planet. 


ps OH. the call! I'll prolly just email you guys later this week when I getr that figured out :)  Me and Elder CHancellor haven't gotten that far yet :) itll be sunday morning sometime though :) AH I'm 20... werid. Doesn't feel like it at all . 

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