Wednesday, May 15, 2013

April 29, 2013

Hey Mom!!

Ke well i'm just going to start by answering all the little random questions you just threw into that email :)

So firstly the norwegian questions!

I would say that i'm definately losing my hold on the english language. :) the more you speak norwegian the more it happens. Unfrotunetly I actaully need to be somewhere wher they just speak norwegain. :) Depending on the companion, if we have been speaking just norwegain, i definately think in norwegain, and we always pray in norsk. Here is Stavanger, we have a lot of americans and a lot of phillipenos so quiete a bit of English is actualy spoken. soo... yeah. I prolly won't be that bad. but yeah i definately pray and think in it :) 

As for the call I don't really have a clue yet. It'll probably be .... before you guys have church or during or... hmm. when do you want me to call you? We'll prolly do it in the evening for us so I don't know what you want to do. Just let me know :)

As for Kim he was lost for a little bit but i've been personally emailing him so and I know that the Elders still have contact with him. No he's not baptized but he still exsists so thats a good start anyway. He's the last one that I know of that I have ever taught so far. I'll keep trying though :) Kim is totally awesome though :) I love that guy. 

spring is definatly being very slow in getting here. Well apparently it was really nice and sunny in stavanger until I got here... so I guess it's my fault :) It's especailly apparent when you're climbing on rocks by the sea barefoot and letting HUGE waves crash up against the rocks and completely cover you :) THat¨' s pretty cold :) But super fun!

ANyways... I don't really have much time left, and I feel.... kindof dead. A lot. REad dads email. :) that explains a little more :) But I still had a good week! I got to go to Haugesund on splits and it was absolutely gorgeous. THe coolest bus ride on this planet (except for maybe the double dekker bus we took this week!) The bus went in tunnels under teh sea, and ferrys that go over it! I could swear that the senery here was taken straight out of LOTR! ITs crazy! ANd soooo pretty! I couldn't really get that much from my camera inside the bus (and i'm completely out of space on my memory card BTW) ...  (like 100% out as of today) (after clearing out a whole bunch of weird ones... the ones left are just awesome) but on top of the boat I got some waaaay cool ones! It was cool to just chill on the top of it by myself :) Way cool! (little cold :) ANd the ferry ride back (i took just a ferry this time) was in the middle of a huge storm and there were waves going almost all the way over the little boat. needless to say everyone got sick. But it was cool! We went contacting with the sisters and by that i mean i mostly just contacted by myself for a little while...

OH! We did have the best dinner so far in norway though. Just perfectly cooked lamb for all the missionaries.... soooo good! Mom.... I'm getting man cuddly... its weird. THe mission deos wierd things to you. anyways. we we squishing on the couch afterwords. It was a way fun night! ...

Yeah other than being absolutely gorgous... this was a weird week. I feel like i'm going full out, but that's only about 25% of what that's supposed to be... maybe it's because my favorite person in the whole entire world goes home this week.... By Anderson.... I'll miss you. I talked to him last night for like 45 minutes which was waaaay funner than it sounds. :) That man has changed my life forever. Good luck dude. 

Also at teh lamest moves call ever yesterday (to which I already knew) i'm moving to be with the Stavanger Elders. So that will be fun. (it was lame because nothing happened....) 

K well. i've lost the will to write more. so I hope that gives some idea of what's going on... hopefully I'll feel a little better next week. Right now i just feel a little off... Could you tell at all? yeah well. 

I love you so much! TAlk to you in like 13 dayS!!! AHHH!! :D


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