Monday, July 14, 2014

July 13, 2014

I love life! AH! I'm super happy right now. I'll just start with that. We had such an amazing week. Good lessons that we taught, and that I was taught. The best sunday i've had in norway, and incredible experiences. Soooo cool! i'mmma hop in. I say this to everyone, I wish I could comment more, but I simply can't. I'll talk to you when I see you agian,. hows that? :) 

FIRST OFF THOUGH. MOM. It was 100 degrees in Oslo this week. 80 percent humidity. AND NORWAY DOESNT HAVE ANY AC. i've never sweat so much in my life. Everywehere. at home, at work, outside. everywhere. its been incredible. 

Second off. THe beginning of the week was just work. We didn't really have any teaches, so if we werent slaving in the office we were on the streets. In all honesty we kinda go dominated. But it was still really good. I learned some incredible lessons. 

Wednesday we taught leif, with a sweet member anne edlund, and it actaully went really well. He's read half the book of mormon in just a few weeks and though he doesn't understand all of it, he feels good when he reads it. THe sad part is it didnt' sound like we were going to be able to get him in church this week. But he is this funny trønder man thats totally warming up to us. :) super cool.

Thursday in trondheim, we had a sweet meeting, followed by me and elder hill going out in the rain and getting compeltely drenched! I had forgotten to take with my rain jacket and so when it started pouring I just had to take it :) It was pretty funny trying to stop people on the street whilst getting completely soaked. But funny enough, we actually found some people, gave a book to a couple of girls we ended up walking with for a few minutes and teaching, and really jsut having a good time. Friday was another early morning and another sweet meeting. peopel have really enjoyed them even though its a lot of practicing I think peopel enjoy being able to learn just the basic skills of actually how to do thing.s 

Saturday we taught a man named Joachim. He was sooooo coool. I felt like there was something else I needed to accomplish on my mission and he was it. He is the cherry on top. A norwegian man, who quite honeslty just loves everything that we taught him. Next day he showed up 14 minutes early to church in a white shirt aand tie, and just got eaten up :) I loved it. He took every commitment, and then some. We were bold enough to invite him to our dinner with president and sister evans, and he came and brought her flowers. Sooo funny. :) Mircales. 

Whats funny about the whole experience is that is was a straight miracle and blessing from God. After fighting through so much it just had to come in God's timing. I learned an incredible lesson about that this week. Of the three people we invited to church 4 of them came, and all were norwegian. THats unprecedented. We had an amazing teach with Jon axel outside on taunte linge's little garden and he came. Leif came and loved it. Henrik the man I helped move from olso CAME! And we are teaching him and his family tommorow! Joachim came! And everyone loved it. later in the week our 10 minutes of contacting got us a new investigator whcih was exactly what we needed to het our goal for this last week. It honestly was God blessing us, because we really needed it, and we had been doing absolutely everything we can. 

ALSO. KNut andreas, Ole Gjevik, Ben Weggersen, Torjesen, and others rolled into SAndivika yestereday and I died. I didn't almost died. I did. I did died. I got sooo distracted when he walked in randomly, I jsut ran over and gave him the biggest hug ever. AH! and he had his retunred missionary fiance, who he had converted along with him. THe perfect story ever. It was sooo cute and wonderful. Also Matias isaksen was there. Just a row of straight bosses rolled in. Everything about my day was perfect.

I can't leave this place. I love all these people too much to leave. Arg. Samtidig, I'm excited. I'm completely in the middle. I love where I am. I'll love being home. I'll love whatever. Life is just sweet. I have a crap ton more to say. The end has been good. THis whole week is loaded. with cool stuff. Joachim is making me Lutafisk (Finally!) and I get to go back to bergen! nothing could make my life more perfect. ANd these meetings have been changing the ways missionaries work. What else could I ask for?

nothing. Except for maybe my family. But that's coming soon :) 

I love you so much mom!

Eldste Whetten

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