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June 30, 2014

Well, some of your kids have boring lives. :) A few of us don't though. I don't think I could handle not having anything to do. I'm pretty sure at this point I would go completely insane. :) 

The balloot really wasn't that bad mom :) It tasted like boiled egg. You just have to get past what it actually is. And the little eyes. You gotta get past those too :)

YOU should TOtally get a job at the library though! That would be sooo cool :) You would love it :) And I think they would love you too. Thats a fun thought. I don't know how serious you were with that, but I think you would really like it :) Which library is it by the way? Is it the one in AF? Because if my memeory hasn't completely failed me Alpine and Highland don't even have one.

Here. Let me tell you about my nonboring life :)

President Evans broke his iphone in water. I vannskapet. So me and elder jones spent several hours trying to track down a new iphone for him. By the end, we had to run to an appointment with a part member family I had never met before. Annnd it was super cool. When we got to their house I didn't notice anything weird at first but then once we stepped onto the doorstep my thougth was: 'Wait a minute'.... I looked around, looked back at the house and saw Henrik and was like, WOA! I have seen you before! My mind was blown. Long story short:

One of my first weeks in Norway me and Elder Anderson were contacting down the streets of Majorstuen ihn Oslo when this lady just started laughing at us when we talked to her. She told us her name and that she was a member of the church who comes from Arizona. She was way nice, but said she was too busy to meet or anything. when we asked if we could just help her with something she told us that she was actually moving that weekend and we were able to help her with that. We called the AP's in Sandvika where she was moving to, and got them to help us as well. We spent several hours, and I remember driving around, but I was still so new that I had 0 idea where we were or where we were going. Anyways. They were way nice, we met her husband and talked with him, and set them up with the missionaries. (Her records didn't exist in Norway before... So no one knew about her)

Almost 2 years later, I walked back into the door, their baby was now almost 3 years old, and Henrik is about half of the way through the book of Mormon, and loves it. It was soooopuyer cool to be able to talk to them again and just have such a huge blast from the past like that. My mind was blown. It was soooo cool that I got to go back and I didn't even know it. 

Another WAAY cool blast form the past this week: Zone conference in Stavanger, We were talking about the book of mormon and things were in general going very well, and then there was a couple of people asked to bear their testimonies. Out of nowhere, Evelyn came out to bear her testimony. :) you may not remember her, because I wasn't actually there for her baptism. But it was amazing. I was dying. It was soo cool to see her again. At break I basically just ran over to her and ignored everyone else and just talked to her. It was sweet. She thougth I had gone home a long time ago, so that was a surprise fro her too. :) It was way cool. 

We went on splits with the Zone leaders there Elder Gilreath and Elder Garrard, both whom have been my companions, and elder garrard whom I trained. i love him :) It was actually way fun to be witht hem both. I spent the evening with elder Garrard, and they ended up planning randomly on visiting a less active which was really a part member family that I had taught when I was there. So I actually knew the way and got them hooked up with the famliy again. As we walked we found more people, and then as we visited another less active, we showed up at exctly the right time to help her and her extended famliy set up for a big party. Her sister had written herself out of the church, and invited us to come back later because we had helped, and there were a ton of cool people there. Also. Stavangersk, or the dialect in stavanger, is my absolute favorite. 

The saturday with elder garrard was supercool. We had 5 hours with basically nothing planned but we decided on a few less actives to try, and then just went for it and ended up having a way cool time. Our practicals that morning were actually one of my favorite things about the day. It jsut flowed, and we learned some cool things we could do. As we went around we were reading the book of mormon on peoples doorstep with them all day, and actually got let in to teach a lesson. The lady had grown up muslim, but really wasn't all that strong about it, which is rare. She was really open and at the end of the lesson, she said a kneeling prayer with us where she prayed in christs name. So cool. The spirit was  super strong and we set up some way cool stuff for them. 

Sunday we had some of our own miracles. We had had a busy but hard week, with a lot of appointments that didn't go through, and on sunday we needed peopple to come to church. Jonaxel, is the father of a boy who has been baptized, and Jon-axel has kknown the chuch basically his whole life. Axel hsi son left for the phillipines this week and we were interested to see if John-axel would come on his own. When he wasn't there at the first hour, we thought that he wasn't going to come, but then he came during sunday school and It was cool to see him there on his own, because he wanted to be there. We had an incredible lesson with him last night, where we were able to focus in with him, and help him understand that if he had a testimony of the book of mormon, everything else that he has questions about would fall into place. In church there was also a couple of other guys who were brought by members, that we were able to talk with and get appointments with for later this week. So there are some really cool things happening. 

We taught Inge borg, who is a norwegain girl, who is basically a dry member. She will be ruus next year (the crazy graduation party for a month, where nothing good happens) and so I was able to just ask her how she felt about it. She said she was excited, but when you really asked her about any of the activities that she wanted to be a part of, she didn't want to do any of it. Its all disgusting. And she knows that. She said pretty clearly that if she ever had a life crisis she would belive in God, but until then she didn't really need to worry about it that much. ... Huh? come on people. dang it. She was cool though. Hun trenger evangeliet.

Also, we were raining some fire this week. I have been feeling for some time, that the general skill level of our mission has been pretty poor, and we need to be good at what we do. so we rained some fire when Elder Badger and Elder Weaver came back. We asked them what they thought, and as we opened up the probelem, they realized that what they had seen was young missionaries who were willing, but really didn't know what to do. So that spurred us into a conversation with president about what we could do about it, and whats about to happen, is we are touring norway with presdent, and he is going to interview people, while me and elder jones just do practicals with people all day. Its going to be long. and a lot of practicing. But it will be good. it was fun to just get enraged about how things are going in the mission. :) 

yup. That was basically it. A bunch of blasts from the past and miracles. We ate with the figuroa family and they were both making fun of each other and their families for getting fat. It was hilarious. Married couple humor is the best. :) 

We are actually in Trondheim right now and we should have a pretty fun night set up. I wish I could say everything, cause there's more. But I love it here. Its hard. Leaving is going to be even harder. Anywazey. 

I love you tons mom! I have to admit I am excited to see you all again. I also have to admit, I'm scared... It finally hit me that life is about to start... and eh. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that, even thoguh I feel much better equipped now. Itll work out i'm sure. :) 


Eldste Whetten

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