Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 7, 2014

I'm tired. we had a very short stressful week. Short just because it flew by soo stinking fast. Guarenteed this week will be even worse. We've done one of our meetings and have 4 left to go. two back to back this week and two next week. Something tells me i'm going to be a little burned out by the end of it all. We're also planning a general authorities mission tour to norway, and I won't even be here. Other cool/sad news. Elder Bednar is coming to Norway!!! In September!!!! I .... won't be here in .... september.... sob sob. 

oh well. I'll have other good things happening. I think one has to have the attitude that you will just go forward with life and take every challenge as it comes. ANyways. I don't have that much exciting to say from this week. Because it basically consisted of sitting in MLC a 7 hour meeting, getting an agenda, and then having 2 days to plan another 7 hour meeting. and then friday we were gone all day leading a hour meeting. just practicing over and over again in front of entire zones. Stressful. Also, we have to buy flights, and oh by the way, don't forget that my only and one job is just to actually baptize people and set the example in that way. Ug. I'm stressed. I am super happy, but just a little stressed. by the end of friday I literally just thought I was going to fall over. It was cool though. We only spent a couple days writing reports and help sheets for the workshop we were doing, and planning the whole stinking 7 hour meeting, and all told, there is NOO way we should have been able to get it done in that time. And we didn't. We had 5 minutes to plan how we were going to do a 45 minute introduction. Incredible. I am getting better at just pulling out scriptures and other things on the spot. :) And for the most part, we were only able to make it a success by grace. We got helped. Thats all I can say. But it was a good meeting. 

For one of the practicals we set up a mock buss, gave them some funny props to play with and pretend like they were really there playing on their Iphone, or ipad, or headphones, or just other stuff, and we bascially just gave them 30 seconds to start a conversation and figure out something interesting about the person. It was sweet. :) That probably doesn't really make sense to you now that I think about it. :)

we did find and teach a waaaay cool family this week. Leon and Kari live out in a town called Sylling whcih is more or less a farmers town on the outskirts of oslo. We turned a corner, and were met with an incredible fjord and found that this famliy we had met on the street lived down this long dirt row all the way down to the fjord shore. Unreal. It was incredible. :) They are sheep farmers and have renovated a chicken barn for their home. :) But we had a way cool first teach with them, and Really just a super fun day. You all have talked about car problems and we were met with some of our own. First the Asker Sisters (Sister Hunt and Trydal) blew two tires at once. Incredible. :) So we came back and instead of lunch we were getting the office couple and making the drive out to help them. When we got there we learned that we were missing the spare tire in the Allens car so we had to drive out again to get one of the winter spiked tires to replace it with. And somethings messed witht the transmission so the poor allens are using this way janky car right now. Hopefully it doesnt break on them when we are gone to Trondheim this week. :) Later after a wonderful teach with Leif at a members house, we were most of the way home when she called us and said that she had gotten her car stuck trying to get out of the garage... Huh? ANyways so we turned around again and drove back. She basically sideswiped a pillar trying to get out of her stall and the car was stuck onto the pillar. So after trying frutiessly to lift the car a move it, I jsut got into the drivers seat and got it off :) Yay for being abl to drive stickshift'!

The last thing was John Axel who we have been teaching a lot. We taught him on saturday night, and it was one of the most powerful teaches I've ever been in. Its been a whilie since  I literally started crying in the middle of a teach. The man just needs to realize that God doesn't expect anything more than his best. And that he really can just make a desciion. We are getting to the point where we will have to tell him that by not making a descision that he's making a decision to say no... Anyways. it was kraftig. 

I don't have a ton else to say. Our area needs to be doing better, but like 80 percenct of our people are on vacation right now. So thats making it tough.Its just one of those things you have to make it through thogh. 


I have on my planner.... TAKE A NAP. So i'mma go do that. I'll be able to speak to you soon enough. Then I can tell you all about this wonderful place. :) And mostly just the wonderful experiences that I've had.

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