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February 11, 2013

Hey Mom! Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!

Ha en kjempe lykkelig Morsdag!!!! Happy Norweigian mothers day! And Valentine's day! It was cute to see all the little Norwegian kids to sing the songs that are all so familiar in Norwegian yesterday. Even though I don't get to call you yet I still thought of you :) Soon... ok not really. :) But hey I feel special!

Let's answer some questions then!

- When is Andre coming?  And how do we get ahold of him?  We would love to have him over!

André will be coming about a week before school starts in August and staying until the next July.... So I'll probably just miss him :( Oh well ... can't win them all. To get a hold of him he'll have to get a new phone number, but once it gets a little closer matthew could look him up on facebook or something. I guarantee Matthew could find him at school too :) 

  - Why does the president go on appointments with you?  Does he do it with all the missionaries?  That would totally freak me out.
You know I think he just wants a first hand look of how we actually do everything... It was just really weird to have him there... I dunno. It's more that it was my first teach ever where I went from being led and talking maybe 30% of the time to going to like 75% and leading. Now it would be fine. No problem. It just had to be on our first one. :P And with a guy who it made kinda uncomfortable too... anyways. it's ok. But it was way scary. And he at least has done it with a couple others in Oslo. He's also studied with me before, and gone contacting. 
   - Tell me three ways that you and your companion are alike, and three ways that you are different.
Alike: We are both super goofy. We both love zelda. We are both tall and skinny.... This is actually kinda a hard question...
Dislike: I eat a lot differently. I'm a lot more sarcastic. I went to college. I a little bit more bestemt on what I want to do. 

     - Tell me something funny that happened to you this week.

This week...... I was sssoooooooooooooper worked up over Atheists. I want them all! You! Come talk to me! NOW! It was funny. Because I would talk to one and just be way super opptatt about it for forever. I couldn't stop thinking about it. IT was soooo annoying. Just to talk to people on the street and literally all that they can say is A:They are too lazy to try to find God, or B: Just are too lazy to change. Norway is the Non-religious capital of the world. So... I may not be able to destroy the baptists from the bible belt. But by the end of two years of this.... I'll have heard it all :) I will know how to beat an atheist. Especially those who think that they are very 'learned' ... I think those are my favorite. The one's who just use athiesim as an excuse not to believe in God are just annoying. those who have a: I can do whatever I want because I don't believe that anything will happen to me, sort of attitude. Yes you have lots of money now. And a cute samboer who makes you feel lonely sometimes... you have it all :) The throwup on the streets every saturday morning... real nice :) I'll see you on the other side buddy.... then we'll chat. Ha det godt da. I guess it's reallly not all that funny... it mostly just perplexes me. And makes me a little sad. When people honestly can't give you a reason why... They... just say no.  :) I would say the funniest thing from this week is how many times my companion would say something and all I have to do is smile at him for him to ask what was wrong... He usually figures out what he said was wrong. :)

In terms of all the numbers that we got last week, a lot of them ended up never answering their phones, or just setting an appointment, kbabing us, and then saying no. And they went nowhere. Dang it people! Oh well. Things are moving forward. I'm determined to make things happen here, even if it's after I leave. 

     - Tell me something spiritual that happened to you this week.

That's a really good question. On wednesday, I really really wanted to give a good spiritual thought to Andre's family. I was on splits with my DL and we spent all day trying to figure out what to do... Finally right before we left I had it. I was in charge and I just didn't feel right about anything else... So finally I had a topic... but no plan :) So when we got there I gave the thought and it was probably the most fantastic unplanned lesson I've ever given in my life. It was awesome... and then in front of us Palmyra asked her husband to take the lessons from us.... he just stared at her. It was super intense. he said no after we left, but he's not completely closed. We'll see how that goes. It was just a cool testimony of diligence to me. The right one literally didn't come until the last moment. 

     - Dang.  I thought I had more questions than that.  Make up your own question and then answer it.  :)
Coolest Worst thing ever?

There was a dude who we stopped on the street a couple weeks ago. He was super cool and said he had seen missionaries at his house and wanted to talk with us... Last monday he sent a text asking if you could become a mormon.... I said of course almost thinking he was joking and when I tried to set up an appt. he said sure the next time i'm in Oslo. Appartenly he lives in Fredrikstad which is about 2 hours south.... NOOOOO. So I gave the referall and forgot about it. On Saturday after eating a way good dinner with my good friend Bjørn again (he said I could come stay with him if I come back to Norway!!! Actually... he was serious about that... it was pretty cool) so after dinner. I had a text from Fstad to call them.. . So I did and they said that they had just met with Niål and that he told them he had gone onto like I had told him to... loved all our values and wanted to become a member. He said: How long would it take? They said you have to come to church 3 times... He said cool! Lets start next week! .... Elder Weaver (cool guy from my group... like 'the' cool guy) and Elder Morris(trained by andy too) were basically yelling praises over the phone. It felt so cool to be able to be a part of that so far. But come on!!!! I'm trying so hard here, and I can't seem to get anything like that... :) oh well. It was cool. 

other thing. Last Monday we'd tried to visit that lady who had read the MB. And after me and Andy's failed attempts and it seemed like she avoided us... SHe was there... And intersted. So we taught her. :) It was soo cool because I had 0 problem understanding her this time. I don't really have a huge problem with anyone :) And shee's still supper cool. Unfortunately she wanted to read the Bom in Norsk this time so she wanted a couple weeks to read before we could teach her. SHe is just a member of the State churhch and she's also a psycologist.(really man what is up with me and pyscologists?!?) But i'm way excited. 

K. THat's a lot of random things but thats about the gist of my week. I'm gonna do some pics now. We had cool teaches, and cool things. But it's still just waking up everyday and keepin on going. Thank you so much for the love! Have a great week! 



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