Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 4, 2013

Wowza! (I don't know why!) Just because


You really shouldn't have given me that ammo :) I like that one. It's catchy. 

Anyways, what the heck is Ethan doing already having attention problems... I mean, I knew he was cool and all, but wow. He's just going to be like this little angel child that just runs around with everyone. Also in terms of the weather here, it's still just chillin a little below 0 all the time but the bonus is that we've gone from just seeing some daylight to having the sun completely horizantal to you at midday. :) I've never experienced quite the same blinding power as walking into the sun here has had. For some reason too it always seems like we have to walking into the sun.... Oh well. :) I talked to my old friend Elder Badger who is up in Tromsø right now and he says he barely sees the sun for an hour at a time... sad day. Oh well. in a month They'll have more light that we ever had back home :) It changes fast. 

In terms of superbowl.... wow. It sounds like your talking about spaceships from another universe for all I know :) I'm now to the point where Elder Linge called, the point of no return... Where you think about home, and it doesn't even exsist anymore. For all I know I've been doing this whole mission thing for as long as I can remember. But it's way fun though. It has been a lot of fun to get to know Elder Ellsworth so far. The problem is that we're both kinda goofballs... so we'll see if we can actually accomplish anything, but our balance is really kinda funny. In somethings I'm a little bit more uptight, and in others I don't stress at all. Like, I used to stress hardcore when we'd go visit people... but now now that I'm in charge of understanding everything and leading the whole visit, i'm just like yeah sure cool whateves. I should probably be a little bit more upitght but I'm really not. We had some really good first teaches with some new investigators because of that. Kim continues to be an adventure. I told Kristy in my letter, to just think about being a 19 year old punk kid and trying to tell some 40 year old Norwegian psycologist how they should live their life, or that God exists. Anyways. Every single person we're teaching right now has 0 belief in God which is an incredibly interesting challenge in and of itself. It's definately not something I could do alone. :) If there is one thing I'll be able to do after my mission, I may not be able to destroy baptists from the bible belt, but I'll at least have a lot of experience talking to atheists. The good thing about atheism, is that it's a pretty lazy argument. :) It's pretty hard to argue against trying. :D Which is all I can ask. 

In terms of stories of Bravery and Faith, I would say my first teach as senior with Kim, with a new companion, and with the president there, was pretty scary. But it got better. Our dinner appointment went really good, and I told matthew this but the 17 year old name André in that family is going to Lone Peak!!! Oh BABy!!!! YOU GUYS SHOULD INVITE HIM OVER FOR DINNER ONE NIGHT AND ASK HIM ABOUT NORWAY!!!! I've spent the last 3 months getting to know him and he is literally the coolest kid you will ever meet.... liek ever. He travels out to help Kim with us and we have had some way cool experiences together. Like. I would say that's been the coolest teaching experience so far on my mission is to have him with us and to see him change and our investigator. We are still trying to help his dad, and its way cool to get to know all of his little siblings. It's cool to just see my own confidence and teaching skills improve as I just .... I dont know. do it :) I also taught the invs. Class on sunday with about 20 minutes notice. So I just had to use memorized scripts and it actually went pretty well. ... there were only like 30 people there :) (me being the youngest other than Andre :) No pressure right?

We watched HOw to Train your Dragon In NOrwegian this morning and it was soooo legit :) I want it soooo bad. :) And Norwegian pants. Literally. They own. Sorry that was a little sidetracked :) I should be more serious and stuff....

But really. We saw miracles this week. In one day we found 9 people who wanted to meet again and gave us their number.... 9! That's like half of what i've gotten on my whole mission... do you realize that!? ok prolly not. But I do. I'm just trying to do everything I can to make something happen here. The ward is so much better and I love the people here, we just need to see something come of all of this. :) It's hard but I will always keep going. When I truly think about how cool it is to just go out on the streets and talk to people about the best message the world has ever known, I feel very honored. There is no greater call :)  It's super fun to train Elder Ellsworth. He's almost too much like me... in some ways. Not in others :) But it's fun and it'll be way cool to see both of our progressions here and throughout our whole missions. We have so much left to do! 

Anyways, I'll stop boring you with all my not so brave or faithful stories :) I love all of you so much! Thank you so much for all the love! Keep on being awesome! I should leave some sort of spiritual thought or something.... hm. I can think of lots. I've had the opportunity to bless the sacrament in Norwegian the last couple sundays... I don't know why I chose that as my one, but I know that the Authority that we have to do it really does bring the spirit of Christ. There is no better time of the week in my mind :)

Anyways.! I love you all!


p.s. I called Anderson this week. Wow. I felt like I was talking to like.... a part of my life or something. The things we experienced together I will never forget. I almost cried just talking to him. I never realized just how much he had meant to me. Still don't. I just love him soooo much :) Not enough to creep him out with pillowpet hugs though :) I'll just steal all of those :) 

PPS: Check out the new mormon message man. Dud. stud. TIs bomb.

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