Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 18, 2013

Hey Momsicle!

We're going to go with no organization today ok!?! I'm bored of orgainizing things... so i'm just going to go completely at random.

First of all, Lykke til with the moth war. One day I will return with reinforcements. I always did find a sort of pleasure out of destroying all of them. 

Second of all, this week was really. Hard. Monday was fun though. I took my companion out knocking for the first time, and it was way supppper cool. We decided on an area to go and you can get there either by tram or by subway. Subway is faster but for some reason I just randomly decided to take the tram. This was beyond what I just chose because when I got on a couple stops later this 20 year old girl got on and sat on the seats just across from where i was standing. Immedieately she started staring at me, so embarrassed I looked away of course. But she kept staring at me. So finally I just walked over to her and started a conversation. For as weird as it was, it was actually way smooth, and it ended with her giving me her number as she was running off the tram. Soooo that was way cool. She is studying to be a priest for the Norsk State Church. So that was fun. I also continue to be fascinated with atheists. There was this man that we stopped from England, and when we mentioned religion he told us we should probably move on because he was militant atheist. Sadly I did. But the whole night I was pretty fired up... I wish I had talked to that man :) Anywasy. THen when we went knocking the first house that we knocked on let us in. let us in. It was cool. Lucky bug gets in on his first time :) There little boy PhillipĂ„ was hillarious. Also I can't back this up by we may have seen a little bit of the northern lights that night. Or we were just crazy. I'm almost blind now so I can't trust my own eyes. (seriously , .... I'm almost blind. I can tell I'm getting worse and worse.) Question: if you have bad eyesight and you don't wear glasses do you eyes get worse faster because you are straining them to see everything? I'm pretty sure you guys know that one :) 

Moving onward, the middle of my week was really hard. Don't really have a good explanation for why, I would just wake up and feel terrible. But we kept fighting. And even though more than half of the things that we had planned this week cancelled on us, we still met with a lot of people and had a lot of success :) And some funny things happen. We taught this one guy named Paul, who is pretty much a big cheeze in norway. He is a professor of philosopy, the producer at the opera house, a strategic guy for Norway. Cool right? Well anywaze, he basically started out by saying, I've read about 50 books about atheism, so I won't just smash those all over your head, i'll jsut try and listen. DId it go well... yeah :) But we were supposed to be getting off to an open house that was about an hour south of Oslo, so we tried to get out but my companion really had to use the bathroom. So finally after I talked with this guy in the hall for like 10 minutes we booked it out as fast as we could. AFter running as fast as we could and catching subway's ands stuffs, we finally learned that we missed the bus. So with basically nothing else to do we just wandered around the docks in Oslo trying to find someone. :) If only he hadn't needed the bathroom... Maybe that was just funny to me. Then later when we were walking around this one kid just stops us out of nowhere and asks me if I can hold his antenna down for him. Sure why not? So he leads us into this parking garage, and gets in the oldest dinkiest little car i've ever seen in my life. And as he drives out i'm wakling beside his car holding this ridiculously long antenna down. It was pretty comical. :) And then a man asked my companion if he would marry him to his boyfriend. Unfortunately he had no idea what this man had said. Looking back though we've had some good laughs about it. :)

We had someone who tried to drop us this week as well, who we went and convinced him not only to keep meeting with us but to read out of the Book of Mormon 10 minutes every day. :) It was cool. He is a way nice guy! We finally had people that said they were coming to church, and we actually had this way cool guy named Ken come. So that was really good, and I had an incredible experience with the sacrament. Beyond helping Hakim the new member here to Bless the sacrament for the first time, I am always amazed by how powerful the sacrament can be. For just those few minutes, you don't need to worry about being a missionary, or anything else, other than focusing on the savior and what He has done for you. it was really cool. All of my studies this week have been fantastic as well. As I continue to study the general conference talks and the scriptures, I conttinue to be amazed by just how personal my studies can be. If I am trying to learn something, everything that I study will connect together, and teach me something new, each and every day. That happened almost every day this week where I would just get exactly what I needed. I particularly love Elder Eyerings talk about The pavilions that cover us. When you are willing to pray in humility, that is when you can align your will with the Lord's. There is nothing left that hides you, if every day, you kneel down and you pray with all the humility you can muster. The most part of what I have learned on my mission and I continue to learn is this: I can't do it alone. So stop trying man. Maybe one day I'll actually be able to stop :) 

Random thoughts: I'm glad you're making a list for me mom. I'm going to need that :) Also, It's weird to think how things are going at home. I'm glad Grandma is doing better! I read the package that dad sent me :) We're going sledding today so I need to get off soon, but i loved it dad! I'll prolly say more later! I don't really have a whole lot of money for postage right now though... I'm kinda poor :P Also, random thought of the day.... There are only 60 somethin' links in that chain in the picture you guys sent me :) I love you all so much! I hope you guys swell with joy and don't fry your brains on that TV. 

ALL THEEE loves! 


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