Sunday, November 4, 2012

August 2, 2012

Hi Family!

Firstly, Thank you all so much for your letters. I feel like I've been thrown onto another planet and the only communication, or the only normal thing I do is read and write letters. So thank you all so much! I don't think I could really explain well just how much they mean to me. You are all the bestest, and though I won't admit it to anyone here, I miss you all so much it hurts!

That said, they have kept me pretty busy! The language is crazy. I didn't understand at first why everyone said it was a hard language because a lot of the words looked the same. But, the sounds are very different, and it has been challenging just trying to figure out what noise you're supposed to making. Also, you have to conjugate everything. Like its annoying. There are 7 different ways to say to. You use your mouth a lot more than english too, so it almost ends up sounding like a song. I don't think I'll feel very comfortable talking until I hear some natives speakers at which point I'm pretty sure my world will explode a couple more times. Languages in general are hard, and it's pretty daunting to just look at the thousands of words that you have to learn. At the same time however, I have already mastered hundreds of words, and I have gotten to the point that I understand most of what my teachers say in class. My teachers are the best by the way. They work with each of us individually, and they are always there to pick us up. They are also my worst enemies. :) Secretly Daniel our first investigator is a teacher. And just when we had a breakthrough, and got him to read the BOM and feel the spirit he was like, good job! Secretly I'm your teacher! He is way cool though. He is probably the most encouraging of them all. When we met with our other teachers as 'ivestigators" I don't think I undrstood a word. It was rather humbling. This is going to take a lot of work.

My district is still the best. We all have jokes that we use to keep us sane as we are in class. Waking up at 8 and sitting in the same classroom all day can make you a little stressed and a little loopy. Hmmm... what else... Oh, concerning letters, I love them. But I simply can't write as much as I would like to all of you. So If I send you short letters please forgive me. I love you enough to send you a 12 page letter, I just don't have the time. And right now I feel sick, so I might just end this here. I promise that the Lord will provide. I testify that he lives, and that this work is his work. This was a really hard week. Though I think I might have many more to come. Just when you think you understand, you realize that teaching someone about the gospel is impossible even in English. I can't do it. The only thing that ever works is the testimony they recieve through the Holy Ghost. I promise you all as you do the things that will bring you closer to your Heavenly Father, he will pour out his blessings. It is amazing the simple power of the scriptures or prayer. You are all the best! I Pray for each of you and I look forward to the day when I can come home and be with my family again. But, until then... I have a lot to do :) And it's going to be awesome. it's everything I've waited for for my entire life. It's weird to actually be here. And time doesn't excist anymore anyway, so for me, I'll have absolutely no idea how long I've been gone. It feels like I still have an eternity left at the MTC, and that I've been here a year. when, in reality I only have 6 weeks left on monday. Crazy right! Ok, so maybe its not as crazy for you guys... :)

Tons of love!

Eldste Whetten

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