Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 12, 2012

HI Momma!

K i'm just going to respond to your email for a sec...
Sorry. Snart is Norsk for soon :) I didn't realize that one. The english language needs a word like koselig. :) (prounounced Cooshely)...sort of . :) Just tell me and I'll translate stuff :)

***********When did I ever say the Echo shoes hurt my feet?!?!?!?!?************* It was my tennis shoes. And i already got new ones :) Dude my echo shoes are bosslike. LIke, they couldnt be more perfect. There are no problems here :) !!!!

To be honest, I don't think I'm going to have Thanksgiving this year either, because it is moves day :) Crazy! I have like 10 more days left, and then I could move again! I dont really want to! ARGGH! We have like 4 people were are trying to get baptismal commitments with this week, and I can almost... garantee that one of them goes through, and I don't want to miss that. :P
Sigh... I guess we really don't get to pick. Also it's weird because I'm sad and not sad to be getting a new companion. I didn't think anyone could ever have the effect on me like he has, but at the same time Im excited to have a companion where that "Greenyness" never exsited. I honestly couldn't tell you how he feels because He really doesn't show like any emotion at all but I would have to guess it's been good for him too. I dunno. :) He's just an extremely stoic person who likes messing with people :) But I've come a lot farther than I thought I could before him.

To answer your questions I think we are both feeling much better now than before. This last week was my turn to get sick and I'm just mostly getting over it today. It wasn't as bad as his however so it didn't really change anything we did. It's just more fun when you don't have a headache and a sore throat all day when you're talking to people. This week was a lot of fun though. We had a lot more dinners this week than I've ever had before! We met with a Norsk family with three little boys 5 and under, and it was a ton of fun :) Dude I love little boys. THey are so crazy and fun :) Then we met with a guy from taiwain who had us over for dinner. And it was make it yourself sushi. mmmmm I've never had sushi before but it was waayyy good. :) LIke.... mmmm. And yesterday we actually met with a british family. Heh. British accents are so cool. Especially on little kids. It was funny because one of the boys wouldn't eat, so I ended up playing rock paper scissors, and the loser had to eat a bite of food. Needless to say I'm good and figuring out how to beat him when he tells me what I should be :) it was super fun. dude. I miss kids. Ok mostly my family :) Anyways, THis week was super fun. I taught the Norwegian class on thursday... and yup.

OOh I did go knocking this week. We got all 6 elders together along with 4 members and went and knocked on doors. It was really cool to be with all of them. Kinda like a small army. I went with a swedish guy :) He was cool. Hard to understand though. We also had a guy who we met with before and didn't want to meet again who is now super positive. Way cool! ANywas. I want to go play crud. A Super fun pool game with. yeah. Don't want to explain that right now.

But first... How, was I not told that Sarah was getting married in a month.... Lauren. You're in trouble. :) or maybe sarah. Say that to her. Also make sure if you do see a cool movie,  really do make a list for me. That will help a lot :)

I'm not sure if you knew this but I actually will be able to skype you guys on christmas. It's not just a call :) And yes I don't think there is a problem with Kristy coming :) Soooo yeah. I think that's all for this week! Next week I'll be able to tell you what's going to happen to me! Woot! I'm soooo excited!



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