Sunday, November 4, 2012

August 9, 2012

Hello Family!

I know I said this last week, but I honestly have to say it again. You are all the BEST. This week has been super good, stressfull, but good. I'm pretty sure my mind exploded on tuesday when I recieved no less than 7 letters from everyone. I would like to point out at this juncture, that whilst everyone else in my district gets a whole bunch of DearElder letters (an online... mailish service for MISH's) I definately am loved the most. I think I was happier this week consistently than I ever have been previous in my experience here. Again I wish I could write and say everything, but you will just have to settle for what you've got because I only get about 4 ish hours a week to write letters. Boo. The rule makes sense though. I think more than just recieving love though, I'm really getting comfortable with the lifestyle, and more importantly more satisfied that as I truly just do my bestest I can and will succeed.

In terms of language this week I have seen a lot of improvement in myself and in my district. I'm getting really good at understanding what they are saying, though I'm still terrible at speaking with any speed or clarity. For example, my crazy teacher...(ok they're all crazy) but the CRAZIEST (happy smiley sort of jumps around and claps his hands and yelps like a little girl when things make him "happy" a.k.a. our misery) before we went off to teach him as an investigator said: Hvem skal bli vår første offer? Translated to: Who is going to be our first sacrifice? I just looked up at him and asked: did you just say what I think you said? And he just laughed at me. Then turned to Brother DeCosta and said, well it seems we have someone who can understand us, so we must be much more careful. So the good news, i can understand they're much slowed speech... Sort of. Bad news: When we tried talking to some RM's at the TRC last friday I think I cried. Because, well... I didn't really understand them at all. Nor could I speak anything sensible to them. :( But we're getting there.

Teaching our "investigators" (our teachers who act suddenly like they are ready to fall asleep when we start talking) is actaully going really well. We had a rough start last week, but it got a lot better this week. My companionship has become ten times better at balancing the lesson between the three of us, and we are starting to get the hang of helping the investigator get engaged whilst still teaching them what the spirtit needs them to hear. I think all of our lessons have ended up being easliy a half our each and every day.  As a super random addition to our group this week, there is a sister we met our first day at the MTC. We learned she was also going to Norway though she wouldnt be in our class because she had taken the language at BYU, and was on an English Fast track route. Well, it took a little more time for her VISA to come through so she has actually been in our class all week. It's soooo nice to have a girl to balance out all of the .... boyness. It's a huge confidence booster for us because we can totally have a small conversation with her, and she's leaving in like 3 days! Crazy!

Norway is going to be the best. I can't wait any longer! I wan't to serve. I have learned the literally EVERYTHING I do is to help them. As I leave out every distraction and every thought and commit my language study personal study, and companion study and goals, everything I do is for them. The people of Norway. I also promise that your prayers and your love are truly helping. Slowly but surely I am getting this, and it is an incredible experience. Through your help you can also help them. I promise to do everything for them. I love my savior. As I bore testimony of him on Sunday I cannot explain nor desribe the power of his love for his chilren. I am honored to be a full-time vessel of that love. The only other place I can feel I am showing sincere and unrequited love, is well... with my family. :) For now though, I am a missionary. And I love it. And you guys! Sooo much! Stay uber awesome! All of you!

-Eldste Christopher Whetten

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