Sunday, November 4, 2012

October 25, 2012


I do have to start out by saying sorry that I didnt write anything last week. Since this is probably to everyone sorry that I didn't write last week. We drove all the way out of Oslo to go shopping which was way cool. A got a super sweet Jacket that is pretty much the best. Ok well its not THE best, but it is cool. Norwegians loved colored rain jackets, which is super cool except if you are a missionary. (because we aren't allowed to have fancy colors... sad day ) Anyways, I love the style, and may or may not have to buy one thats cool before I come home, but thats a subject for another day. So I don't forget I'll just say this now: if anyone ever sends me a surprise package, I am going to need some stuff that is insanely expensive in Norway. (for example if I want a normal pen like the ones I used at college, it costs at least 30 kroner or 6-8 dollars) anyways, crazy stuff. Don't go crazy and send a package now, but all i'm saying is a package does need to include some unattainables. :D

Soooo Unexplained stories from last week: At church I was helping a whole bunch of different investigators, which was way cool. On your mission church really is not about you at all. You are there to work, prolly more than at any other time of the week. But anyways, we got done with everything, and I went downstairs to grab my backpack only to find everything completely gone from the shelf where me and Anderson had put our stuff. After alerting the other missionaries, and asking everyone if they had moved our stuff, we came to the conclusion that nobody had moved it, and it was all now stolen. Great. Awesome. The whole time, I was praying that I had left my camera at home but I wasn't completely sure about it. Anyways, after about an hour of looking around we found our backpacks overturned in the back of the stake presidents office. In all I didn't lose very much, but I did learn my camera was in there. It was safely secured in a small ipod pocket tucked underneath in the big pocket. Its sad because whoever it was went really fast trying to look through everything other wise it would have been found. Anyways, I got waaay super lucky on that one! To celebrate, I will send a video of me and my zone leader arm wrestling. And my jacket!

That week was way good. I think it was thursday that week, that when I went around I literally just poured my soul into every single person we talked to, and we ended up being able to talk to a lot of different people. And for everyone I talked to every single one stopped for at least little bit. It was awesome. Normally I would say 1 out of every 2 people we try and talk to dont even stop walking or even look at us or awknowledge our presence, so the fact that every one stopped to talk to me that day was basically a miracle. We'll have to see if any of them turn out to be really good progressing investigators, but I don't know yet.

Umm... what else! Oooh, I got escorted through a Jehovah's Witness church last saturday when we were meeting with a couple of them. It was funny :) That's really all I have to say about that one. Other than the building is kindove this weird hole in the wall in the middle of Majorstuen.

Stake conference was really cool yesterday. I should have taken some pictures of the building we met in because it is a way cool building and if this were in person I would make everyone guess how much it costed. So guess: ..... Ok you're all wrong. :) Over 7 Million. For a singular, one, church meeting house. prolly 60 % the size of the one on healy blv. It was cool though. Afterwords, I went on splits with one of the AP's and we went tracting (bonking på norsk... not street contacting :) for my first time! It was cool. But nothing super exciting happened other than I realized how much I miss homecooked foods. This time it was bananna bread that sister Evans made for them. Oooh and after that we picked up a new convert, and went to a members house to talk about temples. I miss them a lot. But it was a way cool experience, and I'm starting to get more aquainted with the members here. It was also nice to get out of Oslo for a day seeing as how I've never left before.

Anyways, I hope that was good enough! This week really wasn't all that exciting. In fact it was really hard. So keep me in your prayers! That said, I do know that I'm giving it my all and I'm just trying not to get stressed about it. (which may or may not be working very well :)

Also mom, I'm sorry I can't share enough about what I'm doing here. It's really hard to know what to say, and what will be interesting to you guys. Also I'll try and get some better pictures this week. I don't really have any from last week either. :P anyways. Thank you all so much for everything you do! I love hearing from you and I like that I get emails to answer to now. We literally have no time on p-days, and emails are much better :) So your inspirational scripture of the week is 1 Cor. 2:9. Go Team!

I love you all!

-Christopher Nordmann

Hvis noen av dere skal oversette dette, det skal være morsomt. Men, hvis du egently gjør det, jeg skal si at min norsk, er skikkelige bedre nå. Nesten alle som snakke med meg synes at det er urolig hvor mye jeg kan si til dem, og hvor mye jeg forstår.

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