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November 19, 2012


HI! So I have a question. Do these emails that I send you keep getting sent to everyone else as well? I don't really know anymore :) It's much more natural just to write directly to you. :) When was it..... It was a day earlier this week where I had just had a super up and down sort of day. You know, the one where you have about 70000 emotions all at once and you A: can't write them down, and B: You don't really have anyone right there that you can talk about them with. Don't get me wrong, Elder Anderson is probably one of the coolest people I will ever get the chance to know in my entire life, and he's a great listener, I just... can't speak like I could with you :

So. This week was probably one of my favorite ever. I'll start with the biggest news... I'M MOVING TO: oslo. GUESS WHO MY COMPANION IS!!!!!???????????? Anderson :) Again. I think he's going to kill me after 4 1\2 months. Me and him are probably equally surprised about this. Probably because, he is a very not normal missionary who will ingrain inside of me many of the things that he does, that are never going to come out again. I only remember 2 compliments I've ever gotten from him. The biggest is that he said I don't have anything else to learn from him, and that he said I'm completely prepared to take on pretty much anything or anyone at this point. You will enjoy especially mom, some of the biggest things I've learned from him are to not stress about time or numbers or anything. He does missionary work by being a non-missionary sort of person. Missionary work that involves really strengthening the area, people, missionaries and others around you, rather than worrying about how many teaches or investigators you have. (which btw we do pretty well at regardless) 

My point is: I'm excited. A lot. He will be with me longer than anyone else on his mission before, and I'm going to be with him within a couple months of his going home. In missions you have a Father who is your first comp. and then a Mother who is you second companion. (who finishes the little training book we have) I am going to be a single parent child so to speak, which will affect a lot what happens to me throughout my mission. The good news is, we have been entirely on the same page about everything for the last little while, with companionship unity being one of the best things we do, far beyond to actually being really good friends. Anyways. We'll see how that goes :) 

Also you mentioned a change in transfer lengths. Right now they are 9 week transfers :P Which actaully is perfect I think. President wants to change it to 12 weeks because that's how often we'll be getting new missionaries now. Bleh. 12 weeks is too long. That means I'll have 6 transfers after this one. Oh well. I'm not in charge! 

In other news of what happened this week: Guess What!?!? Our primary program was yesterday too! Guess what else? Norwegian kids are way cuter than american kids :) Every missionary's dream is to have a little norwegian kid one day. Cause really. It's soo fantastic.  Also norwegian pancakes are super good. You take bacon bits, slather it with jam and roll it up like a soft taco. :) mmmm. Jeg gleder meg til at jeg kan dele norske mat med dere :D We also had a baptism this week for this really cool dude named Hakim. The dude's a stud. THe sisters have been teaching him since I got here and it was way cool to see him get døpt! 
We also had an investigator there with us for the baptism. Did you know that 85% of investagtors who see dåps get døpt!?! thats awesome! Dåp= batism btw. å døpe = to baptize :D I'm tired of typing the word baptism :) Lets Dåp som people! Anyways. We have several progressing investigators now, and I guess we'll just have to see how that goes with them. All I can say is like... ah! All you want is for them to find out that it's true. Anyways. 

We met this way cool girl from trondheim on the street this week, who we ended up teaching the next day. I remember the first day,I couldn't really undrstand that much of what she said because Her dialect was waaay weird. Seriously though they use tons of different words like what would be pronounced Va, to me the prounounce Kæ. It's weird. like for realzies. But. The second day without even realizing it, I could understand her completely and participate in the conversation. I didn't even notice it until later, when Anderson looked over at me when we going back to help the Ap's  and said: You understood her today didn't you? I said yes, and he just shrugged and smiled a little. It's always a good reminder to know where my language skills really come from :) 

OOOh!!! I played the piano at the dåps meeting on saturday. by the time I practiced enough to play the songs I had them memorized :) It was pretty comical though. Elder Godfrey who we have now named elder Goob ( litterally you know exactly who is now :) was trying to learn how to conduct from me which was really funny :) I guess all that practicing paid off after all! I also taught an intermediate norwegian class all by myself this week which was only slightly awesome :) Oooh also guess What!? Since i'm not moving I'm actually having thanksgiving with all of the other young single adults here! (with food made by the ekte par... i mean senior couple here! ) they also moved moves day up one day so that the people going home could be there for thanksgiving. 

I was thinking I would send my christmas list in the handwritten letter today but you probably need it before the letter will get there.... 5 weeks!?!?!? boo. Kristy usually gets them the same week if I send them on monday... ;D so. I actually have a few things suprisingly... 

-A scarf. I'm not sure if you can hand do one in time but really. In terms of things I'll A: use B: love, this probably tops the list. 
-I need a couple more ties :) Get creative! Also. I cracked :) I'm not sure if I told you but the skinny tie look has grown on me a ton. Not super skinny. But like medium ish I loooove! And I don't have any yet. P.s. if there more than about 25 bucks I can get some cool norwegain ones instead. (don't know how exspensive they are) mostly I hate picking ties. :) Go team! 
-I still need journals. Like... soon! (i'm on the last limbs of the one i'm using :) 
-Music!!! HOly smokes! I need like.... a lot more. :) Mostly I'm thinking of things like laurnes flute music would be perfect, and enya and stuff like that. Anything that is just nice and quiet and awesome is what I need :) I want Sissel!!!! (norwegian person! it's sooo awesome!) maybe i'll get some here and send it home... :)
-Socks. :) I need some more gym type socks (no show is the only thing I will wear... just sayin) I've worn holes the two pair I brought. 
-I want everyone to do something creative and send me it. :) You all can decide what that is. 
-Maybe some sort of easily transportable picture. like, that I can hang up on my wall or something. Nothing fancy though!

In terms of sending stuff home... that's kinda up to you guys. :) The way that all the other missionaries send stuff home is by spending 550 kr. for a box that has a 20 ish pound limit. THats 100$ appx. THen there's the matter of I don't really have anything right now I could send home :S And it's going to be pretty expensive to send anything. So that's up to you guys. I'm definately doing things but in terms of a full blown package i'm not sure if you guys want that or not. Guaranteed I'll send at least one, But it's up to you guys really. 

K well. Dude. I wish I could see that video now. Apparantly pogosticking has gone crazy in our family and Matthew keeps claiming he'll send me stuff but he never has :) I guess it's prolly too big. Also... Dude! I'm prolly going to get to go to a Norwegain Christmas Concert! The lady singing is the rival to Sissel from Bergen ( member of the church btw) it'll be awesome :) 

Same as you, it's fun to get handwritten letters. But, it's so much easier to figure what's actually going on through emails. :) Just keep in mind I'll send handwritten letters to those who send them :) 

K. Well I love you all so much!!! I think i've said everything I need in this letter sooo. yeah! Tons of loves! I'm going to go relax and destressify. 

Love the little dude running around in Norge,


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