Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

HI Momsicle!!!

Hey! Ever'body else! Call mom momsicle! It'll be fun! 

Ok mom. Jeg gidder ikke å gjøre noe ellers.... Whats the translastion for that.... basically I can't be bothered to do anything else :) Aka i'm lazy. I hope that's good though! :) 
Business First: no I haven't gotten a package. Did you send one! Thats soo exciting! :D
I forgot a couple things for my christmas list!!! 
-a nice looking sweater. Preferably with color :) (i would get one here but they are sahuper expensive) 
-a recorder. This is more for you guys in reality. Mostly I want to be able to just send an audio file rather than writing for 9000 years.  
-erm... ooh! if you could find a very tiny version of risk. That would be awesome. I don't even know if those exsist though :) 
K well.... my week was.... Awesome. I don't even know why. It was just fun. Monday night I went on splits again with the same guy elder lillywhite I did at the beginning (where I got my ticket) only this time I was basically going to pirate one of the families that they are working with (because they were getting whitewashed). It was super fun. Talking to adults in norwegian is still pretty normal for me but talking to the little 12 year old kid was just fun. The Norsk tacos they fed us were also super good. They served the meat in a little um...... what would you call it... like a supsended bowl that had a little candle under it to keep it warm. It was super cool. It's also nice because I don't have to exert myself that much to understand what people are saying. So much easier. ANyways they were way cool. 
Tuesday.... oh yeah... hmm. I'll have to send some pictures next week because I forgot my cord... Sorry! I'll repent! Basically it was the last day before everyone moved, and there were some missionaries going home so we all went out and bought k babs which was really fun. That night we taught one of our progressing invs. with a member, and afterwords that member (25 year old guy with crazy hair, and.... he's so cool. THats all I can say about him) took us to a chinease resturaunt for dinner. It was really fun. I also am now the only teacher for the intermediate norwegian class. I have no Idea who's Idea it was to make me in charge of that but its not good :) Acutally its fun. I just don't feel like that great of a teacher. 

We visited Laila again this week. I don't remember if I mentioned her or not, but she is a 70 year old less active norwegian lady who is super nice, and feeds us SUPER good desserts whenever we go over. It's fun. I think in that whole 2 hour visit me and anderson said maybe... 9 sentences. She really just needs to talk. It's cool though. She wants to come back to church and eventually get to the temple. (I miss the temple so badly) We also got to move Mia this week with her family. It took like half the day but it was super fun. It was funny because Mia thinks i'm just this completely pure and innocent angel boy (that's my nickname) and she didn't want to see me have to move all of her stuff. She's so funny. Her mom also fed us a cake from what apparently is the best cake shop in Norway. I beleive. them. a lot. IT was SOOO good. Literally. I didn't think a cake could be that good. It was perfection. That's how I would describe it :D Thanksgiving actually..... hmm. I forgot about it. Turns out the couple here wasn't doing one with us, so we didn't actually have thanksgiving. I forgot about it to be honest. I didn't realize it was thanksgiving until that night. We did have spaghetti with a really cool family though. They had a little 1 year old girl who was super cute. She kept coming over and trying to attack my scriptures :) Anyways. It was fun. 

Lest everyone think I'm completly apostate and all I do is have fun at this point.... actually that's about it :) I have fun. But. In terms of success this week was one of our best. ( and worst... not our fault though :( ) We had a couple come to church yesterday who was super cool. Just to put in perspective how rare it is for couples to be baptized... just know it doesn't happen :) There has only been one couple in like... 5 years. Anyways they said they are coming to church every week and well... we'll just have to see. I don't know yet. But it would be super cool. In terms of poopieness the hard part was losing contact with Konrad. I'm pretty sure I mentioned him before. Basically he just dropped off the face of the planet. So that was really hard. But in all it was a really good week. Me and my comp. had a special fast for the things we wanted to accomplish this transfer, and it is just cool to know that you are doing what you need to be doing. I would also say I feel the prayers and the help i'm recieving in a very real way. I cannot say that I am perfect, but I am defenitely growing a changing like I need to be. 

That's about all I got for now :) It's so fun to hear about how all of you guys are doing at home! Just keep living it up, because honestly life is awesome! 

From the tall (not so skinny anymore dude...) running around Norway,

- Eldste Christopher Whetten

... No seriously. I've gained weight. I broke the 150 barrier this week! Woot! Go team not excercising!


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