Sunday, November 4, 2012

September 13, 2012


I don't think I could possibly use enough capitilaztion and exclamation points to get across just how life feels right now. Needless to say, I have less than 0 time today, and reaaally want a nap. Thank you soo much for the reply back!!!! I'm super duper excited!!! The last 2 months have been so crazy I can't even describe it. Sooo back to my earlier point I don't really have a whole bunch of time to send off personsal letters today. I have bum loads of packing to do and haricuts, and shots and som other stuff. Anyways, I think this is all finally starting to hit me. We said goodbye to one of our teachers (brother DeCosta) yesterday and it was sad but strangely super exciting. Somebody left some mystery brownies in our classroom while we were away helping the new missionaries so we practiced having a Dinner with Norwegians, with the brownies. (this is technically breaking the rules by the way) Thankfully no laxcitives (no idea how to spell that, ... (not that it matters because I know I'm already slaughtering my splelign ringht now.)) :) Anywaze, no laxies, but me and all of my Companions have been sick this week. It sucks. But I think it will get better soon. Brother Decosta was great, and we were theorhetically supposed to teach him but E. Gilreath had already taught him that morning while he was on splits so instead of us trying to come up with a lesson for him on the spot, he clearly just wanted to tell us a whole bunch more of cool stories, of champ africans being studly, all of the beautiful girls which apparantley have driven him crazy, cool baptims and just a lot of ... Dude. You just gotta hit it and baptize everybody. Never ever give up. The sweds got to see pictures of Sweden and the saw some of Norway too and they said when we see pictures we're all going to die. They said that they can't even handle the excitmetn. well.... too late for me. I'MM SOO EXCITED!! Also they've given up this foolish notion that Sweden is better than Norway. :) There were several of them who want to switch after they saw all the crazy awesomeness of Norway. Basically I'm going to the most unique beautiful place in the world with the coolest people, and the coolest sounding language. (this is not boasting this is just pure gushy excitement!!!) :) Jeg bare tuller. Sweden and Norway are both the best but hey... Norway is the best. I get too have just a: take pictures and look at pictures and talk about norway session on saturday and i'm soo excited. Ahhh. I just can't communicate the pure awesomeness! (btw Splits is when you go with a teacher from another class and spend 3 hours with them personal study, comp study, and lang, study. I got this guy who teaches Dutch and he was a champ. It was soo much fun. He had never done it with anyone before, and he refused to use any English in our lesson, so I got to teach him a whole buch of language, and then I was pretty much in charge of a whole 40 minute lesson which ended in dåp!!! (baptism) Woot! IT was fun and it was also a confindence booster ... wow long sidenot)

It'ss CRAZY to think that 4-5 days (ish) I will be in Norway! Halfway across the world!!! I wish I could tell you guys everything I've heard but that will just have to wait I guess. I'm pretty much going to get destroyed btw. We talked to a girl from Haugensund, (western norway... with crazy dialects) and I didn't understand hardly anything. The guy from Oslo I understand just fine but yeah. They almost speak a completely different language in the west which, there is a pretty decent chance that you get to greenie there... woot. Did you know that my mission president already knows where I'm going? Or atl least thats what our teachers said. IT's weird w'ere the only group of missionaries I've heard of who haven't heard from their mission president. weird. Anyways, everything is about to become loads different. I will by the way have more than 30 minutes to email next P-day, so if anyone would enjoy just emailing me rather than writing me ( at least in my immediate family, I'll have to see the rules on everything else from the pres) you are more than welcome to do that. But I really do enjoy all the letters I've recieved. They helped a ton! K well, Timma go now. Hmmm anything else.... AHAHHk it's just weird. I love my companinons and my district and everything. I'm so used to life here now that it's a little sad to leave but I know it's going to be bomb. I'll probably never see the Finnish Elder Nieminen again etiher... too bad. He was waay cool (maybe to flirtatious though)

I love you all! This is the Lord's work. I serve Him more directly than I would have ever realized before. I have learned and changed so much even in the 2 months I've been here. Have hope in the Savior. I testify that he lives.

With bucket loads of love,

-Eldste Christopher Whetten

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