Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

Hi. My name is.... Billy :)

Dude!?! To answer a lot of questions that you guys have, I can probably sum most of them up by saying, You don't hear anything as a missionary. But I have heard blips here and there, and it sounds like america is suddenly exploding now that I'm gone :) Hopefully there is still something left when I get home! In terms of my halloween week.... Um. Nothing. I forgot it was halloween actually. Norway actually doesnt really celebrate it that much, and I'm kinda wholed up in the middle of a giant city which doesn't help anything. (mostly people just use it as an excuse to throw a party) I do remember talking with Anderson that night and being like... OH YEaH! its halloween dude! He told me he had a ward party last year that he went to. And then I thought about what I did for halloween, and got really burny :) 

I can't even believe that this transfer is almost over. What's sad is i've already heard rumors about whats going to happen to me next transfer. and the transfer after that. OK well I guess its not sad it's just that you kinda want it to be a surprise you know? Either way i'll still be surprised because all it is so far is just guesses and estimations, but there are some actual backing to a lot of it. It's going to be really weird if I have to leave Oslo though. Hopefully I can stay :) I like it here now. 

In terms of missionary work, its interesting because I came at a transition point in the mission. I still see a lot of the old things that the former president did, whilst also seeing how our new mission president wants to change things and push the work forward. I will say what happened in chuch yestereday according to the norwegian elder here, was nothing short of legendary. Our new Ward mish leader, basically wants ward members to come tract with us so that we can actually be let into houses. Which in all honesty from what I have learned about Norwegians is probably one of the best ways to actually do that. We have met with the Bishop as a group of missionaries which appartently has never happened before, and we are all striving to acheive the same goals. I hope I can stay to see just how much things start changing in the future. 

I will probably send you all a picture soon of what I look like when I dress in my winter coat. It's funny. I look like a giant marshmallow. :) I can't believe that it's still that warm there. Here it already gets dark by about 4:30 and most days are below freezing. It almost seemed like it went from light and sunny to cold and dark overnight. I can keep warm if I want to though :) 

This week anderson felt super sick and on Saturday I ended up having like 6 hours straight where I could just study. Back at home I my first thought would have probably been shoot me now. But here it's completely different. I knew before my mission I didn't really *know* the scriptures, but now I feel like I could study 2 hours a day for the rest of my mission and still not know as much as I wanted to. Anyways, just being able to study that long was something I actually really enjoyed. One thing you learn as a missionary is that church is true. :) crazy right?!? But you learn that mostly because you learn that you literally can answer any objection someone has against the church. Already I can defend almost everything we believe with bible scriptures to the point that they really can't do anything. But like it says in 1 cor. 2:5 It literally doesn't matter. All the proof for or against the BOM in the world cant replace the need for a testimony. For everything I've learned to 'prove' the book of mormon, none of it has really affected me at all. For better or worse. Because that's not what matters :) Speaking of which, does anyone have any fun questions they want me to answer? 

 I also don't know what was different this week but things with E. Anderson just went so much better. I honestly could not have handpicked a better trainer for me. The whole transfer he has pushed me to become my absolute best. I would say that beyond just building me up, he mostly just showed me that I already know exactly how to do missionary work. It's just me thats kinda slow about it. :) I'm not going to pass on mission gossip. But I will sum it up as, I am the most *not* greenie, anyone has seen :) Go team!

In terms of personal accomplishments... I can dunk a basketball :) but not consitently. I'll have to see if anyone can get a picture of it. :) Thats really all I have for this week. Anderson laughed when a drunk guy started yelling profanities at me. I didn't laugh, but I did smile. Everyone around was looking at him like he was a loon. Which he was. :) 

You all owe me pictures of HaLLOWEEN (excluding rachelle)! I owe you pictures of where I live and fun things. Lets trade by next week oK? :D

Ok well I need to go snart! I love you all soooooo much. Guess what!?!  I get to call you guys in like a month and a half! Woot!



Ps. Dude..... We might have a mormon president. I guarantee I'll hear about that :)

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