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October 1, 2012

Hey People!

You guys are not very helpful did you know that? I have way too much that I could talk about but I don't really know what you guys want to hear about :) Well, anyways, here goes nothing! So I'm just going to chill and eat my chocolate filled Boller (which are soo good btw) and just write random stuff. Also i'm getting kindove bored of writing. Which prolly isnt good :) I mostly just want to go beat some elders at pool and take a nap :)

Firstly, Norway is awesome. But, I think I only realized that after I came to grips with the knowledge that "normal people" literally do not exist for me anymroe. So I'm going to start backwards just for funsies today! So yesterday was a similar experience to having your brain placed gently on a flat square table in the middle of a completely white room, and then this guy comes in with plain white doctors coat, a face mask on, and black goggles; pulls out a bat, and then proceeds to beat you several times with it, and walks out again. OK so my brain really wasn't surgically removed and beaten with a bat, but it kinda felt like it. We had church meetings from 10 am to 5 pm straight yesterday. I honsetly couldnt say a whole lot of what happened. I spend 110% of my brain capacity trying just to understand what is happening, and most of the time I forget the chronilogical order of events and the topics and general ideas of what was said in less than 10 seconds. I did meet a whole bunch of cool people though! While I know working witht the members here is important, its hard for me because i never really had missionaries in our ward ever, and so the thought of just being this random guy who barely speaks the language who goes and meets a whole bunch of sourly looking norwegians scares the pants off of me. But it was actually ok. Heh, there were a several people who asked me which area I had just come from because they were trying to figure out my accent and it was funny to tell them I had just come from the states. Last Night we visited this lady who is waay smart but is disabled because of a surgery. Named Mia? Anyways she was super funny and apparantely she calls all the missionaries all the time. Also she is madly in love with my old teach brother Decosta and she calls me a little boy. (though I dont have an official nickname yet ):) Anyways, You will probalby hear random stories on and off for the next while about her :)

Saturday we did this awesome Gatastand in the middle of Downtown Oslo which was sooo cool. (street stand) It was way fun to chill there with some tables of Boms and have people come talk to us... (sometimes. we still had to walk around and talk to people a lot) We got these giant pieces of chalk that looked like crayons, and drew a giant plan of salvation on the sidewalk! Anyways, it was awesome. And it was scary because I taught people alone and not with a companion. There were many times, when all 8 missionaries were teaching someone each by themselves. It still suprises me that people actually undesrtand anything I'm saying. We gave out an entire box of book of mormons in 3 hours and got rained on and attacked by a swarm of pigeons. Then we had this Jubileam thingy which we went to and took our investigator Mortin to. It was a celebration for all the church members to celebrate the church being in Norway for 160 years! Woot! Other than the food I had no idea what was going on. Friday.... hmmm what was friday... OH! I was on splits. So that started thursday night, and I was supposed to go with elder lillywhite to my first dinner appt. but Brother TomTom led us an hour and a half the wrong direction (he's the gps in the oslo senior couples car which we stole) anyways. so shamefully, we went back and bought pretty much the only thing left we had money for which was a junky frozen pizza because we were both completely out of money. Sad day. Good news. The next day we got 2 new investigators contacting on the street! it was the most successful weve ever been! aaaannnnd. then I talked to people in Norwegian on the phone (because I was technically the senior comp) and it was scary.... aaaannnndd then I got a ticket. And almost got escorted to the police station because I didnt have any identification on me. (this was only completely terrifying)  Whew that one was a close one :) Anyways Fun splits time!

Wednesday... was probably the most interesting day Ive ever had. We taught Espen-Alexander and then we taught mortin. I dont have time or care enough to explain why this was so interesting. But my companion said after a year and half of being here that might have been his most interesting teach. Anyways. Missionary work here is nothing like I expected. For as much as I can understand, Mortrin has some of the most interesting experiences with dreams and just other weird things. I'm not sure exactly how much he is willing to do, but im way excited to continue to teach him. Espen probably wont go anywhere but we'll see. Monday was way cool because we went around this island and ran around some old ruins. Hmmm... OK, i'm going to wrap up.

In all, I already have had incredible and crazy expreiences here. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ. In everywhere I go I'm always expected to do my best and be my best. It is a little bit stressful sometimes... ok a lot of the times, but I'm getting more used to it, and I know that everything will come in time. I hope that everything goes well at home! I love all of you so much! For me it feels like life may or may not exist at home, but I can say it feels like I'm probably never going to get home :) Don't worry I will, but it'll probably just sneak up on me. Loves! Thanks for the letters I got by the way! I cant possibly write you all back but I love hearing from you all!


-Christopher Whetten

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